Miracor Medical’s PiCSO Impulse System Earns CE Mark


Miracor Medical SA has announced the award of the CE Mark forits latest generation of PiCSO Impulse Catheter and PiCSO Impulse Console, which is indicatedfor the treatment of anterior STEMI patients.The new system features improvements in ease of use.

PiCSO therapy is delivered by interventional cardiologists during the primaryP CI (Percutaneous Coronary Intervention) procedure in patients experiencing anterior ST-elevated myocardial infarction (STEMI). Despite all improvements and widespread use of reperfusion strategies and adjuvant pharmacological therapies1the one-year mortality rate for STEMI has plateaued at14%and heart failure occurs inup to 28% of patients within the first 90 days2. However, viaits unique mechanism of action, the PiCSOImpulse System reduces the infarct size by intermittently occluding the coronary sinus outflow leading to improved microcirculatory function.

Infarct size is strongly associated with reductions in heart failure hospitalizations and reduced mortality3.The CE Mark file was supported by clinical data from both the PiCSO in ACS4study, which was recently published,and the OxAMI-PiCSO5study, confirming that the use of the PiCSO Impulse System is associated with statistically significant infarct size reduction. Furthermore, OxAMI PICSO showed improvement of coronary microvascular function post PiCSO treatment by accelerating the coronary micro circulation recovery resulting in significantly lower IMR (Index of Microcirculatory Resistance) at 24to48 hours when compared to controls,also leading to overall infarct size reduction.

“We are very excited to have CE Mark for the next-generation PiCSO Impulse System.This was an intense effort by everyone at Miracor and I wish to congratulate the Miracor team, our physician partners and clinical steering committee members for this achievement! The CE Mark is a great milestone and our market access strategies over thenext 12-18 months will generate new clinical data and facilitate the commercial roll-out in the second half of 2021.” said Olivier Delporte, CEO.Miracoris currently recruiting patients in a landmark European randomized controlled trial, PiCSO-AMI-I, to further demonstrate the benefits of PiCSO therapy as compared with conventional PCI for the treatment of anterior STEMI patients.The development of Miracor’s PiCSO technology is supported by a reimbursable cash advance from the Walloon Region since August 2017. This financial grant covers 55% of the technical and clinical research for the product.

About MiracorMedical
Miracor Medical, located in Awans, Belgium, provides innovative solutions for the treatment of severe cardiac diseases, aiming to improve short and long-term clinical outcomes and reduce associated cost.Miracor Medical has developed the PiCSO Impulse System, the first and only coronary sinus intervention designed to reduce infarct size,improve cardiac function by clearing 2microcirculationand potentially reduce the on set of heart failure following acute myocardial infarction.