NGenBio Unleashes Innovative NGS-Powered Software for Cancer Companion Diagnosis Analysis


NGeneBio, a prominent precision diagnosis platform company, has made a significant announcement regarding their NGeneAnalySys software, which leverages next-generation sequencing technology for cancer gene analysis. On the 6th, the company introduced an updated version that includes a new feature – a cancer companion diagnosis report capable of evaluating important biomarkers.

Genomic data analysis is a pivotal component of NGS-based cancer diagnosis. However, the complexity and difficulty of this analysis have traditionally presented high entry barriers to the NGS-based cancer diagnosis market. NGeneBio managed to overcome these challenges back in 2016 when they successfully commercialized EngenAnalysis, the first automatic cancer genome data analysis software in South Korea. They achieved this milestone by combining their own big data technology with bioinformatics expertise.

One notable addition to EngenAnalysis is its ability to identify companion diagnostic markers for a wide range of FDA-approved targeted anticancer drugs. Through mutation analysis of genomic data, approximately 40 targeted anti-cancer drugs are examined, and the results are presented in detailed reports. This empowers healthcare professionals to identify the specific genetic mutations responsible for the cancer and prescribe personalized targeted therapies.

The advent of personalized medicine, as exemplified by Engen Analysis, is leading to the discovery of cancer-causing mutations and the recommendation of the most suitable treatments. Consequently, the companion diagnostics market is experiencing rapid growth, particularly in the field of oncology, which accounts for 87% of the overall demand. This added functionality enhances NGeneBio’s capacity to engage in collaborative efforts with global pharmaceutical companies focused on the development of targeted anti-cancer treatments.