Docquity Expands Digitized Patient Access Programs To Enhance Healthcare Outcomes in Thailand


Docquity, Southeast Asia’s largest community of HCPs connecting two out of three doctors in the region announced the expansion of DocquityCare PAP, its digitized patient access program, to Thailand. Docquity has introduced five PAPs in the country, supporting over 100 enrolled hospitals and 250 authorized HCPs to improve patient care for those with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.

Leveraging Docquity’s strong HCP network and deep expertise in healthtech innovations, DocquityCare PAP digitizes and transforms the entire PAP process, connecting pharmaceutical partners, hospitals, HCPs, and patients seamlessly through one platform. DocquityCare PAP facilitates a centralized support service for hospitals and pharmacies to improve medicine accessibility and dispensing, doctors to easily reach patients for follow-up care, and patients to access needed medicines and better adhere to treatment protocols.

DocquityCare PAP thus addresses the current limitations of conventional PAPs, including the dependence on a limited number of stores for program execution, errors and fraud due to paper-based processes, lack of data collection on prescribed and dispensed drug quantities, and the underreporting of adverse events. Since its pilot in 2021, DocquityCare PAP has empowered more than 350 doctors from 150 hospitals in the Philippines to support over 1,000 cancer patients with more accessible medication. This has delivered more than US$ 1M in total patient savings in the Philippines.

“DocquityCare PAP’s expansion into Thailand allows us to advance our patient solutions capabilities in Southeast Asia and ultimate mission to build healthier lives around the world at scale. Building on our platform’s cutting-edge technology, footprint, and insights, we are partnering with leading pharmaceutical companies to revolutionize PAP systems and address barriers that have previously prevented them from serving more HCPs and patients,” Christophe Meugnier, General Manager of Thailand and Vietnam, Docquity, said.