Nihon Kohden introduces new NKV-550 Series ventilator system


US-based precision medical products and services provider Nihon Kohden has unveiled its new NKV-550 Series Ventilator System to support patients of all ages.Nihon Kohden said that its new NKV-550 is an advanced ventilator that features an integrated touchscreen, intuitive user interface, and onscreen help functions.

Nihon Kohden America president and CEO Yasuhiro Yoshitake said: “Every product we bring to market is designed to simplify workflow for clinicians and benefit patients. We saw a tremendous need in the respiratory market for a comprehensive ventilator that could respond to any patient situation while also providing excellent usability using modern technology.”

NKV-550 ventilator system offers a range of applications required for patients of all ages

The medical devices firm has developed NKV-550 to support easy transition between invasive ventilation, non-invasive ventilation and high-flow oxygen therapy, without having to change devices.

The system offers protective control, a feature that works using a second graphic user interface placed outside the isolation room of a contagious patient who is under mechanical ventilation.

Through the second graphic user interface outside the isolation room, the system enables therapists and clinicians to view the ventilator monitors and alarms, adjust alarm settings , and audio pause the alarm sound until the patient is within the sight.

The protective control feature would protect both the clinician and the patient by eliminating the need for respiratory therapists and clinicians to wear protective gowns, gloves and masks before responding to the needs of an infectious patient.

The company said that its NKV-550 has been designed based on the lung protective approach to ventilation and features the Gentle Lung suite of applications that offer easy-to-use tools for the open-lung approach to ventilation.

In addition, the ventilator features customisable screen configurations, and its app-based design provides guided processes, facilitating streamlined, systematic procedure for optimised ventilated patients’ care. Nihon Kohden has introduced its new NKV-550 at the annual American Association for Respiratory Care Congress 2019 in New Orleans, US.