Noul, Ewon Medical Foundation Speeds Up Diagnostic Test Efficiency Improvement with AI


Noul Co., Ltd., an AI-based blood and cancer diagnosis platform company, and Eone Medical Foundation , a professional clinical testing agency Lee Deok-gu) signed a joint business agreement (MoU) for the development of an artificial intelligence (AI)-based diagnostic platform.

This business agreement was made with the intention of promoting multilateral cooperation between Noul and Ewon Medical Foundation based on each other’s capabilities and strengths. Combining Noul ‘s AI diagnostic platform development capabilities with Ewon Medical Foundation’s professional diagnostic service capabilities, the company plans to focus on mutual exchanges for automation of in vitro diagnostic tests and advancement of reading performance. Through this, the Ewon Medical Foundation will improve the efficiency of diagnostic tests in the field of blood tests and biopsies, and Noul expects to strengthen AI capabilities and expand the market by expanding new AI products.

The Noul-Eone Medical Foundation held a business agreement ceremony on August 3 to develop a decentralized diagnosis platform based on artificial intelligence (AI). (Left) Lee Deok-gu, Chairman of Lee One Medical Foundation, (Right) Lim Chan-yang, CEO of Noul Co., Ltd.

Chanyang Lim, CEO of Noul Co., Ltd., said, “This business cooperation is an important milestone for the digitalization of in vitro diagnostic tests. Based on Noul’s outstanding AI technology, we will lay the groundwork to expand into the field of reading various types of cancer such as stomach cancer and colorectal cancer in the future.”

“Currently, the medical world is facing a time of various changes and innovations such as automation and digitalization including AI. We expect that the capabilities of the EONE Medical Foundation, which have been accumulated through diagnostic testing services for 40 years, will be able to provide world-class in vitro diagnostic testing services by meeting Noul’s future technology.” said.

Noul Co., Ltd. is the world’s first AI-based blood and cancer diagnosis platform company that manufactures and sells MyLab, a decentralized diagnosis platform composed of devices, disposable diagnosis cartridges, and data platforms.

Since 1983, the EONE Medical Foundation is a professional clinical examination medical corporation that provides the largest diagnostic examination service in Korea, possesses a large-scale, high-tech automated examination system, and provides clinical examination and clinical research services.