OPUM Partners With Leading US Surgical Electronic Healthcare Provider


OPUM US Inc. has partnered with iProcedures, a leading provider of perioperative digital solutions, to advance remote management for patients pre and post orthopedic surgery.

OPUM’s Digital Knee® is a remote patient management platform which consists of a modular wearable brace with connected apps. Their knee orthotics work to collect insights on recovery and deliver personalized rehabilitation to the patient through a consumer facing mobile app which enhances both engagement and independence. Actionable insights are also presented to providers via a web portal to enable scalable management of remote patients.

This partnership with iProcedure’s solution, iPro ASC, is focused on seamless integration of the Digital Knee® with Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems in the ambulatory surgery center (ASC) setting. As the top-rated vendor by KLAS Research, iProcedures has a nationwide presence in the US and is experiencing rapid growth in the ASC market.

“The combination of an EHR designed for ASCs and OPUM’s remote patient monitoring solution is an exciting next step in the area of orthopedic care,” says Dr. Jonathan Myer, Orthopedic Surgeon, Synergy Orthopedic Specialists Medical Group.

This partnership will make remote patient monitoring services simple and accessible to providers, giving greater confidence in early discharge of patients from ASCs. Providers will be able to increase their remote patient care and add additional revenue through expanded services. Data interoperability will also enable providers to manage patients in one location and glean previously unattainable insights into pre-operative planning as well as tracking recovery post-surgery to ensure successful outcomes.

“The telehealth industry has accelerated through COVID and has been asking for ways to grow their remote patient offerings,” says OPUM CEO Andrew McDaid. “This partnership makes it even easier for orthopedic practices to include remote patient care.”

About OPUM:

OPUM US Inc. is a medical device and data company transforming the musculoskeletal care industry through AI and automation of personalized patient rehabilitation. Based on years of medical device research, OPUM was formed in 2016 and launched the Digital Knee® into the US market in 2019. The company is currently expanding into ASCs around the US to provide improved care for patients pre and post-surgery, while managing costs associated with surgical complications and rehabilitation.

About iProcedures:

iProcedures provides a variety of innovative solutions to clinicians, practices, and patients alike. iProcedures’ ASC solution, iPro ASC, is specifically designed to optimize outpatient surgery results and clinical efficiency with an integrated solution tailored to fit the needs of ambulatory practices. This holistic and intuitive EHR is perfect for ambulatory surgery centers because it provides the capability for medical professionals to create and manage complete electronic records of patients related to surgery or treatment in outpatient care facilities.