Orbita Introduces New Capabilities To Streamline Voice And Chatbot Application Development In Healthcare


Orbita, Inc. unveiled a trio of enhancements that significantly expand the capabilities of Orbita Voice, the company’s award-winning, HIPAA-compliant platform for voice and chatbot applications in healthcare.

The three new features dramatically simplify the process of designing, building, managing, and optimizing secure, enterprise-grade healthcare applications that integrate conversational AI technology:

Orbita Answers is a unique knowledge management framework for quickly building conversational voice and chatbot applications that emphasize question answering. A study published by VoiceBot.ai identifies “Ask a Question” as the most common use cases for smart speakers. Yet, according to Bill Cava, Orbita chief product officer, “Organizations must think about digital content in a very different way when developing for voice and chatbot question answering applications.

For example, it’s not practical to take a thousand words of instructional content on how to manage diabetes and just dump it into a voice assistant like Amazon Alexa.” Using the new Orbita Answers knowledge graph framework and “smart content” curation tools, healthcare organizations can easily integrate existing content into voice and chatbot Q&A applications without resorting to significant manual editing.

Orbita Flow is an intuitive, graphical studio with a flowchart-like interface for creating rich, conversational applications. With Orbita Flow’s low-code environment, anyone can quickly build powerful voice and chatbot applications using ready-made controls and pre-built templates. Orbita Flow adds to Orbita’s already rich set of tools for accelerating creation of voice and chatbot-powered healthcare applications. “Think of Orbita Flow as the Visio of voice,” Cava said.

Orbita Insights is a flexible analytics platform used to define and monitor key performance indicators in voice and chatbot applications. With Orbita Insights, organizations can develop and drive strategies for optimizing and improving conversational experiences toward concrete, data-driven business goals.“Orbita continues to astound with their innovation in voice-first digital healthcare,” said John Nosta who, as president of the NostaLab think tank, is generally regarded as one of the top strategic thinkers and global influencers in digital health. “Voice is poised to bring transformational change to healthcare and Orbita is clearly leading the charge.”

The latest enhancements follow on the heels of last month’s release of Orbita Prototype, a new tool for quickly designing “rough draft” conversational dialogues that can be shared with stakeholders for collaborative review and iterative refinement.

“We’ve worked closely with our most innovative clients to develop capabilities that improve every step in the development and optimization of voice and conversational chat applications,” said Bill Rogers, Orbita CEO. “With the addition of Flow, Insights, and Answers to Orbita Voice, we further cement our position as the gold standard conversational platform for healthcare.”

At the recently concluded HIMSS conference which draws more than 40,000 health IT professionals annually, Orbita received the Intelligent Health Association’s (IHA) 2019 Voice Technology Award. Each year, the IHA recognizes leadership among individuals, organizations and breakthrough technologies in digital health. At the Alexa Conference and Alexa World Fair held in January, event organizers selected the Orbita Voice platform for the 2019 Best of Show-Bronze Award and the 2019 Best Third-Party Tool Award.