Perimeter Medical Imaging AI Expands in North Texas with Further Deployment of S-Series OCT in National Healthcare System


Perimeter Medical Imaging AI has recently disclosed a subsequent commercial deployment of its leading Perimeter S-Series OCT system at a newly established hospital facility within one of North Texas’s most extensive healthcare networks. This network is part of a prominent national healthcare system. The Perimeter S-Series OCT is a cutting-edge medical imaging system designed to offer real-time, cross-sectional visualization of excised tissue specimens in the operating room. Its image resolution surpasses that of X-ray and ultrasound by 10 times and is 100 times greater than MRI.

This additional commercial deployment in a major national healthcare system signifies the fifth unit placed within the existing customer network. The recurrence of placements within the same network indicates a high level of satisfaction and confidence in Perimeter’s technology by healthcare providers. The repeated adoption suggests that the Perimeter S-Series OCT system has proven its effectiveness and practicality in real-world clinical applications.

Key aspects of note include the advanced imaging capabilities of the OCT system, its integration into a sizable healthcare network in North Texas, and the endorsement it has received from both surgeons and other stakeholders within the broader healthcare system. The technology’s potential contribution to surgical precision, particularly in oncological procedures where accurate tumor removal is critical, is highlighted.