Pharmacy Brands Canada to Expand PrescribeIT Service to Banner Members in Western Canada


Pharmacy Brands Canada is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Canada Health Infoway (Infoway) to launch PrescribeIT®, Canada’s only national not-for-profit electronic prescribing service. This innovative e-prescribing platform will soon be offered in our mettra Pharmacy, Value Drug Mart, Apple Drugs, Peoples Pharmacy and Rxellence independent community pharmacies across Western Canada.

PrescribeIT® enables physicians and other prescribers to send prescriptions and renewal requests electronically to a patient’s preferred pharmacy, resulting in more efficient patient care, enhanced safety, and greater accuracy when filling prescriptions.

In partnership with Infoway and collaboration with provincial ministries, Pharmacy Brands Canada plans to roll out the PrescribeIT® service to independent pharmacy banner locations across Western Canada over the next 12 months.

“We are excited to partner with Infoway to introduce this e-prescription service to our independently owned community pharmacy banner members, their pharmacy teams, patients, allied health partners and communities,” said Pauwlina Cyca, Director of Pharmacy Services, Pharmacy Brands Canada. “The PrescribeIT® platform completes the circle of care, and ensures continuity for each patient, every prescription and every pharmacy.”

“Infoway is excited about this new partnership with Pharmacy Brands Canada,” said Jamie Bruce, Executive Vice President, Infoway. “PrescribeIT® provides safer and more effective medication management and protects patients’ personal health information from being sold or used for commercial activities. It’s an important step in helping Canadians experience better health outcomes.”

PrescribeIT® is a free service offered by health care prescribers and pharmacies. Patients who are interested in using the service may wish to consult with their physician or prescriber.

About Pharmacy Brands Canada

Pharmacy Brands Canada offers a unique banner program to independent pharmacies across Western Canada. We provide a business model that offers tools, resources and support for pharmacy owners to operate successfully within a highly regulated and competitive environment. Pharmacy Brands Canada supports the following banner brands: mettra Pharmacy, Value Drug Mart, Apple Drugs, Rxellence and Peoples Pharmacy.

About Canada Health Infoway

Infoway helps to improve the health of Canadians by working with partners to accelerate the development, adoption and effective use of digital health across Canada. Through our investments, we help deliver better quality and access to care and more efficient delivery of health services for patients and clinicians. Infoway is an independent, not-for-profit organization funded by the federal government.

About PrescribeIT

Canada Health Infoway is working with Health Canada, the provinces and territories, and industry stakeholders to develop, operate and maintain the national e-prescribing service known as PrescribeIT®. PrescribeIT® will serve all Canadians, pharmacies and prescribers and provide safer and more effective medication management by enabling prescribers to transmit a prescription electronically between a prescriber’s electronic medical record (EMR) and the pharmacy management system (PMS) of a patient’s pharmacy of choice. PrescribeIT® will protect Canadians’ personal health information from being sold or used for commercial activities.