PHCC launches new app for healthcare services


Primary Health Care Corporation has launched a new app called Nar’aakom app that allows its patients to benefit from many of the healthcare services through their smartphones.

Dr. Mariam Ali Abdulmalik, PHCC Managing Director, Musallam Mubarak Al Nabit, Assistant Managing Director of Administration and Corporate Services and Alexandra Tarazi, Executive Director of HICT announced the launch of the app in a press conference.

The app has been ISO-certified for safety. “At present the app has a few basic information. In future, it will be improved with additional features,” said Dr Abdulmalik.

Nar’aakom allows to view health card information such as health card number and see when it expires, view assigned health center, and the assigned family physician from PHCC. Through this app one can also view the upcoming appointments for themselves and their dependents.

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Residents and citizens can also request for any of the following available services:

Apply for Health Card – allows one to apply and get a health card to receive health care at one of PHCC’s health centers located across Qatar.

Change the Health Center – one can request to change the currently assigned health center to another one.

Change Family Physician – allows to request to change currently assigned family physician.

Request for appointment – allows to request for new appointment with PHCC health centers.

Add dependent Account – allows to add dependents to your account to be able to request any of the above services on their behalf.

Renew the health card – allows to navigate to Hukoomi’s website to renew your health card online.

Nar’aakom supports English and Arabic language. Within the app, you can switch between these languages.