RNR Healthcare to Expand Business to Africa and Asia


RNR Healthcare’s CEO Vicky Ramancha announced today that RNR Healthcare is targeting to expand the firm’s activities to Far East, South East Asia Pacific, and African markets.

The company has already established presence in the Middle East with a capable and competitive supply chain from Asia and is currently managing US and European clients. Chief Executive Officer of RNR Healthcare, Vicky Ramancha, has been developing solutions for African market on the side.

RNR Healthcare’s CEO, Vicky Ramancha, sees that the shortage of pharmaceutical products and medical equipment is a huge problem in Africa. RNR Healthcare’s strategy to enter the African market, and other third world country markets is to initially aim to provide complimentary medical products to local communities in the regions.

RNR Healthcare also aims to potentially raise funds in 2024 for a new growth round to establish new manufacturing and production relationships in the US and Asia of their own in order to fight shortage problems.