Serious Injuries Which Can Occur From Car Accidents


Car accidents often result in physical injuries, ranging from minor wounds to life-threatening injuries. The severity of physical distress depends on factors like the speed of the vehicles, the part of the car where the impact occurred, and the efficiency of injury prevention systems like seat belts and airbags.

There are two types of injuries that could result from a road accident. These are impact injuries and penetrating injuries. Impact injuries pertain to blunt trauma caused by applied force, such as when the head hits a hard surface inside the car. On the other hand, penetrating injuries happen when the body is pierced by foreign objects, such as shards from a broken car window.

Blunt trauma often occurs internally, so it is often not detected immediately. They are also more difficult to assess compared to penetrating injuries on the extremities of the body. Below is a more thorough look at these serious injuries that can occur after road accidents.

  1. Back Injury and Spinal Damage

Back pain and discomfort are especially common among victims of impact collisions. The Injured Call published a blog post to help ease muscle pain after an accident. However, what appears to be simple pain could be a warning sign of spinal cord damage, since spinal injuries usually take some time to manifest.

Spinal injuries may result in partial nerve damage in certain body parts. In extreme cases, it could end in complete paralysis. Incurring a herniated disc is considered less severe than spinal damage, but it comes with high levels of pain. Also known as slipped disc or ruptured disc, it occurs when a fragment between the vertebrae gets pushed out of its position.

  1. Chest Injury

Impact on the steering wheel or seat belt can cause blunt trauma in the chest area. This can result in broken ribs, contusions, collapsed lungs, and internal bleeding. For people with heart conditions, the acute force can put them at risk of traumatic cardiac arrest. Other areas near the chest can also suffer from the impact. This includes injuries in the abdomen, pelvis, and internal organs.

  1. Head Trauma And Brain Injury

The head is very vulnerable to impact, so head injuries always require immediate attention. A head-on collision between speeding vehicles can cause concussions, skull fractures, and even traumatic brain injuries. Such injuries could lead to long-term cognitive problems and in more severe situations, comatose. Other disabilities related to head injuries include loss of vision, impaired hearing, and facial deformity.

  1. Broken Limbs

The legs, feet, arms, and hands usually suffer a lot from impact. Due to the limited space in the car, the limbs are the first ones to get trapped. A serious crash can lead to disfigurement, fractured bones, and even severed limbs. These injuries can turn into long-term disability that affects day-to-day life.

  1. Psychological Disorder

The psychological damage of an accident is as jarring, if not worse, as the physical ones. Accident survivors can suffer from short- and long-term psychological problems, especially if the accident resulted in irreversible injuries or death. Depression, anxiety, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder are commonly observed among drivers and passengers who are involved in a serious crash.


These serious injuries require immediate medical intervention. And in case you witness a car accident in real-time, it’s best to not move the victims yourself since you may not be able to assess the actual physical damage that they have suffered. Call professional medical help and let the experts do it. Internal bleeding and head injuries are complicated, and they might worsen if you move the injured person in the wrong position.