Singapore Sets Digital Platform For Mental Health Inclusion


The Ministry of Health Office for Healthcare Transformation in Singapore is as of now coming up with a digital platform. This platform aims to enhance the incorporation of mental health support services offered by more than 450 health and social service agencies across the country.

The Digital Mental Health Connect- DMHC platform will help with the seamless referral of patients or clients between clinicians as well as counsellors across various health and social care settings. It is well worth noting that individuals will be directed to the best-suited services according to their requirements, choices, as well as the level of risk.

The objective of this platform is to seamlessly integrate with current social and health case management systems, permitting easier care integration, cooperation, and, of course, data sharing.

The wider context

The setting up of the DMHC happens to be a component of larger projects and initiatives that were described in Singapore’s recently published National Mental Health and Well-being Strategy. The strategy that has been developed by the Inter-agency Taskforce on Mental Health and Well-Being has the final objective of creating an enabling mental health ecosystem. 

This ecosystem would allow individuals with mental health needs so as to seek help early without facing stigma and make sure that they receive the appropriate assistance for their recuperation.

The strategy focuses on four main parts so as to support and also elevate the mental health and wellbeing of the population. 

Singapore is executing a tiered care model as part of its strategy to improve mental health services. The approach aims to efficiently organise these services depending on the severity of individuals’ mental health requirements, which span throughout the health as well as social sectors. There are plans to develop a common IT platform and set up guidelines for offering mental health data in order to offer the required support in this area.

Furthermore, the forthcoming National Mental Health Office will be responsible for overseeing the execution of the plan. As part of this role, they will create a framework for evaluating existing as well as emerging digital mental health solutions. This will go on to assist the office in approving and regulating appropriate solutions, taking into account their affordability, safety, and long-term viability elements.

On Record

The National Mental Health and Well-Being Strategy aims to address mental health issues fully and inclusively. It will focus on preventative as well as curative approaches, aimed at schools, communities, along with workplaces. The Singapore Ministry of Health defined in a statement that a comprehensive approach involving all sectors of society must be taken to address mental health issues while improving the mental well-being of the population.