Sysmex America and LabCorp Extend Hematology Automation Agreement with Sysmex XN-Series Technology


Sysmex America, Inc. and LabCorp announced an extension of their hematology automation agreement, to provide LabCorp Diagnostics’ primary reference laboratories with Sysmex America’s latest, upgraded XN-Series technology. The new XN-9100 system is a scalable, modular automation system that incorporates sample sorting robotics from Yaskawa Motoman. The system reduces turnaround time and optimizes labor utilization while maintaining high-quality patient results, with a smaller footprint that frees up laboratory space to be used for other operational needs.

Since 2006, when Sysmex America and LabCorp entered into their first hematology instrument agreement, LabCorp has increased test volumes by approximately 50 percent while using less laboratory space. Moving forward, LabCorp expects to see similar improvements in performance as it deploys the XN-9100 system across its laboratory network. The system has been implemented and successfully integrated into LabCorp’s workflows in its Atlantic Division regional laboratory in Burlington, N.C., and the company plans to install it in 11 additional LabCorp regional laboratories across the country by early 2021.

“Collaborative relationships, like this one with LabCorp, and continuous customer feedback are key to Sysmex America’s ability to respond to both current and future challenges of clinical labs,” said Andy Hay, chief operating officer of Sysmex America. “Our long-term partnership and learnings have allowed us to support LabCorp’s growth since we first began working together in 2006. The update to the XN-9100 will help to accommodate LabCorp’s planned growth for the next ten years.”

“The laboratory’s central role in providing better healthcare is always evolving, and Sysmex America’s innovative solutions help LabCorp fulfill its mission to improve health and improve lives through world-class diagnostics,” said Mark Schroeder, LabCorp’s chief global supply chain officer. “LabCorp’s close collaborations with Sysmex and other supply chain partners are improving the delivery of patient care.”

The collaboration between Sysmex America, LabCorp and Yaskawa Motoman has helped spur the design of compact and efficient hematology work cells that are an integral part of the XN-9100 system. Each fully self-contained work cell includes automatic hopper fed sample loading, full hematology analysis with automated reflex and repeat testing as needed, onboard slide making, staining, digital morphological analysis and post-analytic sorting and archiving.

Sysmex America’s XN-9100 enables labs of all sizes, complexity and specialty to meet their needs. To learn more about Sysmex hematology products visit

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