The 41st World Hospital Congress opens with 850 delegates from 48 countries


The 41st World Hospital Congress (WHC) opens today and will run until November 9, Thursday, at the Taipei International Convention Centre. The congress will tackle the theme “Patient-friendly & Smarter Healthcare”.

850 healthcare leaders and professionals from various national healthcare organizations and hospitals are attending the congress to present case studies, discuss implementation of new technologies and policies.

The opening ceremony marked the official beginning of the congress followed by the first plenary session. Republic of China (Taiwan) Vice-President Chien-Jen Chen welcomed all the delegates to Taipei during the opening ceremony. Other officials who spoke at the ceremony were Taiwan Minister of Health and Welfare Mr. Shih-Chung Chen, Taiwan Deputy Foreign Minister Mr. François, Chih-Chung Wu, Kingdom of Swaziland Ministry of Health Under Secretary Mr. Simon Kunene, and Dominican Republic Deputy Minister of Public Health and Social Assistance Mr. Francisco Neftalí Vásquez Bautista.

Dr. San-Cheng Chang, President of the Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry, gave a keynote presentation on the topic “The new era of health industry driven by intelligent technology and big data” right after the opening ceremony.

The attendees of the congress come from 48 different countries and belong to healthcare organizations, hospitals and companies. They will take part in parallel sessions on ten different topics and interact with their peers at social events during the three days. The participants will also be able to meet the 189 poster presenters who will present case studies from their organizations. The parallel sessions are hosted by countries, members of the International Hospital Federation, which serves as an opportunity to share their industry experiences.

The Taiwan Hospital Association, Infection Control Society of Taiwan, Joint Commission of Taiwan, Taiwan Nursing Association and Taiwan Medical Association will all be hosting sessions throughout the congress. The Taiwan Hospital Association hosted a session this morning about a smart and patient-friendly healthcare policy in Taiwan.

The World Hospital Congress is also an opportunity to gather the decision-making members of the federation in two governing council meetings and a general assembly. This congress will be marked by the discussion of the strategy of the IHF for the next coming years.

The annual World Hospital Congress of IHF is a very important event, where professionals from all over the world have the possibility to meet, network, learn from each other and to exchange knowledge within healthcare in general and especially how to increase the level of performing the services to the best for the patients and their families, said Dr. Erik K. Normann, President of IHF and the Norwegian Hospital and Health Service Association.

“Coming to the World Hospital Congress from Brazil, every year we discover that we have much to learn, but we are also proud to have insights to share with the rest of the world. The Congress is a cornerstone for knowledge and best practices in the healthcare sector,” added Dr. Francisco Mailing address: IHF HEADQUARTER P.A. Hôpital de Loëx, Route de Loëx 151 1233 BERNEX, SWITZERLAND Balestrin, President Designate of IHF and President of the National Association of Private Hospitals in Brazil.

Find out more about the program on the congress’ website:

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