The hidden benefits of products that can improve our health


We often hear about the negative side-effects of the ingestion of some food, prescription drugs or health products, but it’s not often that we hear about the positive sides. Certain products can have beneficial side-effects and can prove valuable in multiple scenarios. Your body’s response to these things can trigger many positive effects on your health.

Nowadays, we have access to activities and games that stimulate the brain and enhance the mind, such as mental or physical sports. But, although these options can be really great for our wellbeing, there are some products such as food and chemicals that also have a hugely beneficial effect on our health.

Medication with positive side effects

Aspirin has been linked with multiple benefits. It is traditionally used as a painkiller for fevers, aches and arthritis. However, it has also been shown to help with many other problems. People that have taken aspirin have seen a reduction in acne; it has also been shown to assist with heart problems and, if taken regularly, can reduce the likelihood of suffering a heart attack. New research suggests that the regular consumption of aspirin (one tablet per day) can dramatically improve the chances of survival from both colon and prostate cancer. It is thought that it might activate a protein that helps prevent the growth of cancer cells.

People take Beta Blockers to reduce their blood pressure, but these drugs also have other, unseen health benefits. They can reduce the risk of dementia, as they improve blood flow and relieve excess strain put on blood vessels in the brain.

Recent studies have shown that having the flu-jab can dramatically reduce a person’s risk of suffering heart disease or having a stroke. It acts to block the inflammatory response our body produces in reaction to flu and prevents arterial plaques from rupturing and causing a cardiac event.

Levodopa is a drug used to treat Parkinson’s disease, but it has been shown that in many cases of prescribing the drug, patients have since shown signs of increased creativity. Parkinson’s sufferers who started taking the drug went on to write books and become published authors. Patients often begin painting or writing during the time of treatment and although there’s so much research on this illness, it becomes apparent that this medication, in particular, can create a spike in creativity amongst sufferers.

Food and drinks that can have positive effects

Cider Vinegar is commonly used in cooking, baking and for salad dressings, but it also has many healthy hidden qualities. It can be used for a whole host of things; for example, killing bacteria and harmful pests. It has been linked with lowering blood sugar levels and assisting with treating diabetes and it is believed to aid with weight loss and improve both heart and skin health. People even use it to make eco-friendly cleaning products because of its anti-bacterial qualities.

Honey has a wealth of positive attributes. Of course, we all know it as a delicious, sweet treat that can be used in a whole host of different foods and drinks. It also has many remarkable qualities that have positive effects on the body. It can be applied to burns, wounds, ulcers, psoriasis, and infections and is said to reduce healing time after topical application. It reportedly improves both short and long-term memory; it is nature’s sweetener and provides a healthy alternative to sugar for those suffering from diabetes, and it is also a powerful natural antioxidant and antiviral treatment.

Other products

Epsom salts are primarily used with horses suffering from laminitis or pollen allergies but they can also benefit humans. In fact, they have multiple uses. They can be employed in a relaxing sedative bath, where they will soothe any aches and pains and can help bruises heal. They can be used in a foot baths to relax your feet and treat any odours; you can make exfoliating face cleaners from them and use them in face masks; they can also be applied to hair as a volumizer and to remove hair spray. Of course, you should research how to use the product before going ahead with any of the above and check for allergies beforehand.

It is fascinating to look into the various intriguing benefits that can be obtained from different products. Of course, it shouldn’t change the way that you approach prescribed medication, but it is an interesting subject to look into and there are some dietary changes you can make which will certainly improve your health. It should be noted that these positive side-effects don’t work for all and that all medication should be consumed responsibly and only with a doctor’s prescription and advice.