The UK, Sweden To Cooperate With A Lifesciences MoU In Place


The United Kingdom and Sweden have reached a deal through an MoU recognising their existing bilateral collaboration in the biological sciences. The goal of the MoU is to foster collaboration among participants in the health, research, as well as innovation systems at the local, regional, and federal levels in order to promote the growth of innovative, efficient, and appealing lifescience ecosystems. The participants’ cooperation shall be founded on the principles of fairness, reciprocity, and mutual benefit and all applicable laws and institutions from both nations.

Early diagnosis, genomes, and other areas of collaboration are expected to be among the first areas of cooperation, according to the attendees. Clinical studies, legislative innovation, application of advancement, production methods, life sciences sector sustainability, and antibiotic resistance are all topics that need to be addressed.

Cooperative actions to foster discussion on these themes could also include:

  • Partnership in policy, design, and execution of technical standards is required in the lifesciences sector to develop data-driven approaches.
  • Policy, strategy, and market interventions all benefit from knowledge exchange.
  • Collaboration in policy formulation to create a dynamic marketplace via business involvement and active participation.
  • Collaboration in the discovery, testing, and deployment of innovative technologies and therapies.

Furthermore, the participants applaud the existing research partnership between the United Kingdom and Sweden, which includes collaborations between corporations, institutions of higher learning, health and research organisations, and other stakeholders. They encourage scholars from both countries to collaborate more closely in the future, including through multilateral collaborations and combined submissions to European research and innovation programmes.