Three Reasons Why You Should Earn Your Master’s in Nursing


There are very few jobs that are more rewarding than a nursing career. Nurses truly are the glue that holds the medical system together. They intercede for their patients, communicate for the doctors, and offer support to both patients and their families alike. Once the decision has been made to become a nurse, the next step in starting your future career, is to decide how far your nursing education will go.

The reasons as to why you should pursue your masters in nursing are virtually endless, but today we will look at three in particular: a greater reach of influence, a higher salary, and an elevated career path. You can read more here.

A Greater Reach of Influence

When you earn your master’s in nursing, you also receive a broader reach of influence and accountability. Besides the new level of respect, from your peers and from yourself, you also can jump into new roles, for example, teaching. After earning your MSN (Master’s of Science in Nursing), others might also begin to see you as an inspiration. When other nurses see your hard work and determination, it can encourage them to continue on with their education as well. 

One of the best side-effects of having a deeper impact, is the effect it has on your community. By furthering your education, you are also furthering your local community. Patients, and their families, who find themselves in your care will also become beneficiaries from your degree. By growing in your medical knowledge, you will be able to give more in-depth care and attention to the medical problems that arise.

Salary Increase

The easiest difference to spot, between an RN or LPN, is the salary increase. The average salary for a nurse with a bachelor’s degree is around $80,000, where as the median salary for a nurse holding a MSN, is $120,000 (according to numbers reflect nurses working in a hospital). Besides the salary increase, there is also a growing trend in the demand for nurses.

With an expected 26% growth rate, over the next 8 years, there is no worry of a job shortage coming anytime soon. Yet another plus side to earning a master’s in nursing. The nursing field is expanding faster than average; now is the perfect time to continue your nursing career.

Elevated Career Path

Lastly, after earning an MSN, the opportunities for career growth are seemingly limitless. You could decide to grow your knowledge by becoming a nurse practitioner, a nurse anesthesiologist, midwife, and more. When you hold a MSN, you also hold a wide-open future. Your career path can grow alongside your education, and allow your dreams to become a reality. 

Nurses really do make the world a better place. If being a nurse is your dream come true, then set it into motion by earning your master’s in nursing. With the ability to influence others, earn a comfortable salary, and elevate your career path, what is there not to love about earning your MSN.