Top Dental Care Tips From The Pros To Have Healthy Teeth


What’s the single most important thing you can do to protect your teeth and gums for life? It’s not brushing and flossing every day. What really matters is what you eat and drink, because how often you brush depends on how much sugar or acid there is in your mouth. No matter how clean your teeth are when they emerge from under the gum line at the end of a good scrubbing session with toothpaste, they need protection against bacteria that lurk in our mouths all day long. Here are the top 7 dental tips to maintain healthy teeth!

1.  Cut Down On Sugar

Tooth decay starts with germs that feed on sugar. You can’t prevent it all, but you can cut back on the number of sugars, syrups, and other high-carbohydrate foods you eat. To learn more about foods that harm your teeth, contact a professional and do a thorough online research. The bacteria in your mouth turn the sugars into dental-eroding acids which attack tooth enamel just like battery acid.

2.  Cut Down On Acidic Foods and Drinks

The most common dietary source of acids is soft drinks, but fruit juices and wine can also be a problem. The sugar in these drinks doesn’t do any damage on its own – it’s the acid that does all the tooth-decaying work. You may not realize how much you toss back during the course of a day – soft drinks, fruit drinks, and sports beverages are part of a huge market. And if you eat or drink processed foods that have been made with citric or other acids, watch out – they can do just as much damage to your enamel as lemons.

3.  Brushing

Great, so you’ve cut down on the sugar and acid in your life… But if you don’t brush twice a day with toothpaste to remove food particles, bacteria stay trapped in the crevices of your teeth. When they reproduce they also produce acids that attack the enamel. Not to mention that food stuck in teeth can contribute to tartar buildup! You may not realize it but brushing is only 50% effective at removing plaque. Here are some brushing tips:

– Brush morning and night before going to bed

– Brush all surfaces evenly

– Use an up-and-down motion

– Clean outside surface of upper teeth by moving the brush back and forth

– Clean inside surfaces of lower teeth by moving the brush in a circular motion

4. Flossing

And don’t forget to floss once a day! Flossing is also 50% effective at removing plaque. It gets all that food out from between your teeth, where brushing misses it. Here are some flossing tips:

– Grasp a strand of dental floss longer than you need

– Wind the floss around each tooth from top to bottom one time only

– Hold the floss tightly against each tooth without pressing too hard on your gums

– Gently saw the floss up and down several times in a row

5.  Opt For Organic Food When Possible

Your dental health is related not only to what you eat but how it’s processed too. The more food is processed, the more nutrients it loses – along with its vital enzymes which give life and energy! Watch out for chemical additives in processed foods, which can be cancer-causing. And of course, avoid trans fats and hydrogenated oils that clog arteries just like in your heart!

6.  Keep Fluoride In Your Toothpaste

When brushing is not enough to get out plaque, a specialist treatment called a fluoride varnish may be necessary from time to time. A fluoride treatment coats newly erupted teeth from top to bottom with fluoride, giving them added protection against acid attacks from acids produced by the bacteria that live in all our mouths! Fluoride treatments usually take place early in the morning, before you eat or drink anything. And if your dentist prescribes it for your teeth, use fluoride toothpaste as directed to help keep your smile healthy too.

7.  Be Ready For Emergencies

It’s easy to take care of dental health… But what happens when there’s a problem? This is why you need an up-to-date list of phone numbers for all the dentists in your area. Keep them on speed dial so that way they’re always available to assist if needed. If you can’t get hold of any professionals at night or on weekends, go directly to the emergency room location near you. They’ll be able to provide temporary relief until you can see a dentist during office hours!

So many people neglect their teeth. But it’s important to be proactive about dental care because it can save you a lot of money in the long run! Start taking care of your mouth today, and enjoy healthy teeth for life!