U.S. Surgitech Awarded Laparoscopic Surgical Instruments Agreement with Premier, Inc.


U.S. Surgitech has been awarded a three-year agreement with Premier, Inc. in the laparoscopic surgical instruments category. As one of the largest healthcare group purchasing organizations in the nation, Premier provides services to over 4,400 hospitals and health systems, and more than 225,000 other providers.

Products featured top to bottom: SurgyCut Scissor (disposable), SurgyCut Scissor (reposable), SurgyNeedle (disposable), SurgyCut Electrodes (disposable- variety of tips & connections shown)

Featured in the agreement is U.S. Surgitech’s SurgyCut product line, which includes disposable laparoscopic electrodes, as well as reposable and fully disposable laparoscopic scissors. The ergonomic handle design and smooth rotational knob make for easy handling during the procedure, while the high-performance blades remain consistently sharp from beginning to end.

Also featured in the agreement is the SurgyNeedle product line, consisting of a fully disposable aspiration needle available in different gauges. The SurgyNeedle serves as a solution to the long-overlooked complications of reusable aspiration needles being used in the operating room today. As a fully disposable, single use item, the SurgyNeedle eliminates reprocessing and the risk of infection.

The number one drawback that physicians have when discussing disposable instrument options is in regard to the durability of material, which can sometimes lack the correct fit and feel in the surgeon’s hand.

Maaz Meah, President of U.S. Surgitech, challenges these concerns by putting quality at the forefront, stating, “When designing the SurgyCut line, our main focus was to construct disposable instruments that feel and resemble that of a reusable instrument while adding value and efficacy to the OR.”

In a field that is constantly shifting, U.S. Surgitech’s quick adaptability to new best practices and regulations earns them a significant role in today’s evolving medical industry. Working together with Premier to have U.S. Surgitech’s SurgyCut and SurgyNeedle product lines on the agreement will provide healthcare facilities with the opportunity to source quality instruments that assist in providing the best and most efficient patient care outcomes.