UCHealth Taps Conversa Health to Track COVID-19 Vaccine Effects on Frontline Healthcare Workers


Conversa Health, a Portland, OR-based automated virtual care and triage platform, has expanded its suite of COVID-19 programs with tools to help the vaccine effort. As part of its expansion, Conversa has partnered with BioIntelliSense to monitor healthcare workers at UCHealth in Colorado before and after receiving COVID-19 vaccinations. UCHealth physicians, nurses, and other front-line staff members wear BioIntelliSense’s BioButton medical device two days before and seven days after vaccination. The BioButton continuously monitors temperature, respiratory rate and heart rate at rest. Conversa collects information from the BioButton and integrates the vital signs data with insights from a daily interactive vaccination health survey developed by Conversa.

Vaccine education, tracking and screening

Conversa also is assisting health systems across the country with the challenge of vaccinating millions of patients. This effort begins with educating patients on the safety and efficacy of the vaccines. Patients want to know when they will be eligible to receive vaccines and what their experience will be like, including potential side effects. And patients need an easy way to set up vaccine appointments and get reminders to follow through on their visits. Health systems also want to monitor potential side effects, both to ensure patients get needed follow-up care and to report any side effects to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.