UK MHRA Seeks Global System For Medical Device Recognition


The UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency- MHRA has gone on to announce a sort of framework for global recognition when it comes to medical devices.

The UK government, in its statement of policy intent, went on to detail the intent to go ahead and acknowledge regulatory nods coming from certain countries.

The policy looks to facilitate access in terms of quality-led medical devices and, at the same time, stresses streamlining the evaluation process. It goes on to focus on specific types and classes, with advance approvals coming from Canada, Australia, the US, and the EU being considered for recognition.

The initiative happens to be designed to decrease the duplication of evaluation by comparable regulators, thereby enabling the resources to be allocated so as to assess much more innovative products.

Apart from the countries that are already listed, the MHRA also happens to be in talks with the PMDA, the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency, to go ahead and cover Japan among the regulatory bodies that are recognized.

This statement also goes on to serve as a preliminary guide for manufacturers, thereby helping them evaluate the device’s eligibility for optional routes to the market as part of the proposed framework.

But the framework at present happens to be in draft form, with the final version that will be integral to the core regulations that govern medical devices across the UK.

Dr. Laura Squire, who is the chief quality and access officer at MHRA, said that the announcement happens to be a very pivotal step towards a strong medtech regulatory framework that prioritizes the safety of patients, goes on to give patients access to medical devices that they require, and makes sure that the UK happens to remain a very attractive market in terms of medical technology innovators.

She added that they are going to continue to work on how the intended policy pertaining to international recognition of medical devices is going to operate in real time. By way of sharing the draft policy now, they look forward to giving much greater clarity on the future direction of MHRA when it comes to making regulatory approvals much simpler and also where it happens to be safe to do so. She went on to say that simultaneously, they remain completely committed when it comes to the UKCA marking for the medical devices.

It is well to be noted that this latest development comes after MHRA launched its AI Airlock sandbox model for evaluating virtual as well as real-world projects by way of simulation and also helping in developing AI as a medical device.