Understanding The Responsibilities Of A Concierge Doctor

Good health is a necessity. As with every other necessity of life, you do everything possible to ensure good health. One part of keeping healthy is seeing a doctor on a regular basis. As important as that is, only a few people make sure to consult doctors regularly, and others simply decide whether or not to see a doctor on the basis of their situation. For example, they won’t go to a doctor if things seem alright or the symptoms of particular diseases are not causing any serious trouble.Well, such a practice is not ideal, in fact, you should constantly be in touch with a doctor so that you can get the best care on time. Do you know which kind of doctor is perfect for regular consultation and medicine? It is a concierge doctor.

Who Is A Concierge Doctor

A concierge doctor is a physician who offers healthcare services to patients for a fixed period of time in return for an upfront fee. The professional generally has a great deal of experience in the medical field and body treatment. The concierge physicians were initially popular among wealthy patients, but in current times, their services have become more affordable.

Top Responsibilities Of A Concierge Doctor

Concierge doctors offer a variety of healthcare services to their patients and clients. However, they are most popular for giving personalized care to patients depending upon their health situation. They see the patients privately so that they can pay close attention to the patients they have in their care.As far as practice is concerned, a concierge doctor is similar to a primary care physician. Some of the services in their practice include:
  1. Administration of lab tests
  2. Regular or annual physical exams
  3. Offering prescriptions
  4. Diagnostic screenings
  5. Minor urgent care services
  6. Patient consultation & counseling
Taken all together, a concierge doctor provides all the basic healthcare services you need in your regular life. In case you can’t go to the clinic, Erin Reese MD suggests, you should look for doctors who offer virtual consultation over FaceTime or any other video chat platform. This method is especially helpful to those who are not in the position to go anywhere.The only kind of healthcare services that concierge doctors don’t offer are specialized treatments such as operations, implants, or surgeries. For that, you will need to see a specialist.

The Benefits Of Choosing A Concierge Doctor For Treatment

If we talk about the training and licensing of concierge doctors, the process to obtain one is the same as a doctor you would find through an insurance network. There are many benefits of seeing a concierge doctor such as:
  • Immediate care
  • Personalized care
  • Unlimited primary care services
  • Better understanding due to long-time consultation
A concierge doctor provides you with healthcare services that promise you good health. The process of getting the treatment is easy and quick in lack of a lot of paperwork. We hope the information given above makes your understanding of concierge doctors clearer.