Valtruis Launches TailorCare, Providing a Value-Based Care Option for Musculoskeletal Patients


Valtruis, a WCAS company, announces the launch of TailorCare, a risk-based company that provides evidence-based, clinically-designed care navigation to patients living with joint, back, and muscle pain. TailorCare empowers patients to make informed treatment decisions based on their musculoskeletal (MSK) symptoms, goals, and lifestyle, which leads to better health outcomes, lower costs and happier patients.

“MSK care is expensive, complex and riddled with patient frustration, creating strain on the healthcare system. Current solutions are either narrowly focused or overly broad – we believe specialty care is best delivered with a targeted approach and that high-quality care must be comprehensive and connect the dots along the patient journey. We are thrilled to announce the launch of TailorCare, built specifically to address the fragmented category of MSK spend,” said Anna Haghgooie, managing director at Valtruis.

The TailorCare model is a holistic navigation and care delivery solution that provides personalized guidance throughout a patient’s MSK care journey. Common conditions include back, neck, hip, knee or shoulder pain and immobility. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons reports that half of Americans live with an MSK issue, making MSK one of the top drivers of medical spending–$380B annually, or 20% of total annual spend. Health plans and risk-bearing providers are taking notice of this trend, prioritizing the need for value-based MSK solutions. TailorCare is built around the belief that MSK conditions require providers to coordinate care, which current fee-for-service models do not support, leading to variability in cost and outcomes.

“TailorCare presents a massive opportunity for risk-bearing entities. Our solution transforms MSK care by identifying a patient’s ideal pathway, connecting them with a high-quality specialist and coordinating care within a value-based model. We are creating a more efficient healthcare system for all,” said Rachel Winokur, TailorCare’s co-founder and chief executive officer.

TailorCare’s proprietary clinical intake assesses a patient’s symptoms, lifestyle, preferences and goals using predictive modeling and evidence-based MSK treatment guidelines. Shared decision making enhances patients’ understanding of their conditions and treatment options. Patients are connected to high-quality orthopedists, physiatrists, physical therapists and occupational therapists who are leaders in their fields, and receive ongoing support throughout the care journey.

“MSK conditions are complex. In my decades of experience as an orthopedic surgeon, I’ve seen patients overwhelmed by the decision-making process, frustrated with imperfect surgery or disappointed with health outcomes. TailorCare simplifies the process,” said Kevin Coates, MD, TailorCare’s chief medical officer. “We empower patients to make the best decision for their needs, so they feel better faster.”

TailorCare partners with in-market providers to deliver high-quality MSK care. This includes primary care and specialty providers, such as United Musculoskeletal Partners (UMP), TailorCare’s anchor strategic orthopedic partner.

“Our goal is to partner with the highest value specialists in the market, and we are excited to have UMP alongside us on this journey,” said Karey Witty, managing director at Valtruis. “To partner with an organization of that reputation and scale validates the opportunity we see in the space, advancing both TailorCare and UMP’s strategic initiatives.”

As CEO, Winokur brings 25 years of experience in healthcare leadership roles, building strategy and significant revenue streams for payors, provider organizations, digital health companies and medical device manufacturers. Among her many accomplishments, Winokur has started and scaled multiple businesses, generating revenues of up to $4B. She served as the chief executive officer of NeueHealth, Bright Health Group’s value-based care business, and helped start Bright Health in 2016 as its chief business officer. Winokur was previously a senior executive for Aetna, helping to build the company’s population health management business, where she launched a dozen new businesses to serve both employer and provider customers.

“Rachel is a passionate leader with a track record of leading successful healthcare organizations. Her vision and expertise in the delivery of value-based care make her a perfect fit to lead TailorCare. We are excited to support Rachel and her team as they work towards their goal of transforming how MSK care is delivered,” said Haghgooie.