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Order Set Optimization: The Next Chapter for Point-of-Care Content Strategies

Companies Provation Medical
The past decade has ushered in a new day for point-of-care clinical decision making, thanks to Meaningful Use and other regulatory initiatives aimed at improving patient outcomes and costs. By and large, most of...

Exasol helps Piedmont Healthcare’s Infection Control with Fast Data Analytics

Hospitals Piedmont Healthcare
The Initial Situation : Healthcare providers store a colossal amount of data in the form of decades of patient information, gathered before the real birth of data analytics, and before the concept of “big data”...

Study Links Bedside Access to Evidence-Based Nursing CDS and Increased Hospital Value-Based Care...

Companies Wolters Kluwer Health
Hospitals that arm nurses with bedside access to evidence-based nursing procedures and real-time step-by-step guides for clinical decision making at the point of care saw their Hospital Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) Program scores increase.That link...

How Can Big Data Power The Future Of Healthcare

Companies Pixel Privacy
In today’s world, the usage of big data has made huge leaps in in various industries, healthcare is no exception. Being one of the largest industries in the U.S., big data is already used...
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Quicker, More Accurate Diagnoses for Dangerous Diseases and Genetic Disorders

Companies Medical Fair Asia
Stand first: There is growing awareness of the valuable role that diagnostics can play, both in the early identification and treatment of dangerous or infectious diseases as well as genetic disorders.The early and accurate...

World Hospice and Palliative Care Day 2018

Companies Environmental Litigation Group
Palliative care should be available to anyone with an incurable disease or illness, and it should be provided regardless of age, race, disease, gender or place. Yet, this type of treatment is still not...
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Hospital’s Costs Hold the Key to Managing Healthcare Costs

Health is a top priority globally, and healthcare is considered crucial for sustainable development. In the recently released Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs (‘17 Goals to Transform Our World in United Nations, 2015’), ‘Good...

Protection from automatic pointed attacks has become a topic of issue on the...

Companies Star-writers
Protection from automatic pointed attacks has become a topic of issue for the last few years on the information security market. However, a pointed attack in common understanding at first was represented as a...

Rebooting the life science industry with Digital Technology

Companies Zenith Technologies
Digital technology has been driving change throughout the life science industry for years, however the sector is currently standing on the precipice of revolutionary development – some organizations have already taken the jump towards...

Healthcare IT Market Builds the Foundation of Artificial Intelligence-BasedHealthcare System and Creates Lucrative Job...

Companies Allied Market Research
New Job opportunities,the reduced communication gap between a patient and doctor, the artificial intelligence-based healthcare system, and the digitization has surely created an amazing era of healthcare IT. Evaluation–Diagnose–Treatment. This is the traditional and generally...


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