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GYN Care

ASC Expansion of GYN Surgery to Patients in Rural Areas

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ASCs, or Ambulatory Surgery Centers, have been playing a significant role in access to surgical care across the United States. For the most part,...
Warning Signs of Pharmaceutical Fraud

How Hospital Staff Can Spot Warning Signs of Pharmaceutical Fraud

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Pharmaceutical fraud encompasses a broad range of activities that result in pharmaceutical companies or retailers experiencing financial gains due to inaccurate or untruthful claims...
Medical Device Market

Whats in Store for the Medical Device Market in 2019?

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Medical devices help patients manage chronic illnesses, allow providers to monitor progress remotely and much more. Like many other products, they also go through...
Lumenis MOSES Pulse 120H

Combining Technology and Technique to Expedite Stone Treatment

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In a five-stage process, a 120-Watt laser with MOSES technology helps eliminate nearly every remnant, while saving time and enhancing outcomes for the larger...

7 apps that provide mental health and mindfulness support on the go

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The Johns Hopkins Medicine site reveals that roughly 1 in 4 Americans aged above 18 suffers from a diagnosable mental disorder every year.Moreover, the...

What Responsibilities Do Health Care Professionals Have in Preventing Antibiotic Resistance?

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Antibiotic resistance occurs when previously effective antibiotics no longer work to combat bacteria. It's a serious problem since even small infections can become severe...

What It Means to Your Doctor When You Die

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In the 10 years I've been practicing hospital medicine, the patients who stay the most present in my mind are the ones who never...

Digital Pathology Market to have more Demand with The Increasing Pace of Chronic Diseases

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A digital pathology system is an active, image-based setting, that enables the processes of procurement, management, and interpretation of pathological information that has been...

Be Ready to Treat Kidney Stones in Obese Patients

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Obese patients are more likely to have kidney stones, but not all facilities are prepared to treat them safely, effectively and efficiently. In a recent...

The Changing Business Model of Hospitals

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The healthcare landscape is changing, but hospitals are not the primary cause of this change. Hospitals are being forced to adjust their business models...