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Designation: CEO

Company: CleanSpace Technology Pty Lrd

Dr Birrell has worked in healthcare and personal protective safety for over 20 years. In her role leading CleanSpace Technologies, a product leader in respiratory protection, Alex has travelled extensively supporting organisations to deliver an effective respiratory protection program for their operations.  Alex has presented at the International Society for Respiratory Protection and National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine.  Dr Birrell has a PhD (Medicine) and an MBA. 

Company:CleanSpace Technology Pty Lrd

CleanSpace Technology is specialist in respirator design and a manufacturer of advanced personal respiratory protection in the healthcare industry. Focused on innovation, comfort and quality, CleanSpace respirator technology is truly a game changer. CleanSpacerespirators is built on a proprietary technology platform, developed by leading biomedical engineers from the medical device industry who are specialists in the positive pressure airflow control and mask design, and work to the highest standards in safety, quality and reliability. The team built their skills and expertise with the design and development of FDA approved CPAP respirators currently in use by millions of patients around the world. Global headquarters are in Australia with regional presence in over 30 countries. For more information and how CleanSpace is supporting the healthcare industry.

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