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Designation: President of the Management Board HASCO Group

Hospital: Vratislavia Medica

A businessman with a PhD in Biological Sciences. He founded the pharmaceutical production company PPF Hasco-Lek S.A. in 1984 when he graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy at Wroclaw Medical University. Initially, the activity of the enterprise was limited to the production of cosmetics and after the changes of Poland’s economic law in the early 1990s it focused on the manufacture of pharmaceuticals. Since then, President Stanisław Han has been constantly developing the business and expanding the portfolios of the companies within HASCO Group.

President Han perceives a need for continuous cooperation between science and business. He is the founding father and Head of the Department of Industrial Pharmacy at Wroclaw Medical University. He is also the founder and Vice-President of the Polish Chamber of Pharmaceutical Industry and Medical Devices “Polfarmed” and a member of the Polish Society of Phytotherapy and the Polish Pharmaceutical Society “PTFarm”. He is also the founder of Saint John Paul II Hospital „Vratislavia Medica” in Wroclaw, Poland.

Hospital:Vratislavia Medica

Vratislavia Medica – John Paul II Hospital is one of the largest and most respected rehabilitation hospitals in Lower Silesia in Poland. Since the mid-twentieth century the fortunes of our clinic have been intertwined with the history of the capital city of Lower Silesia Province – Wroclaw. Modern hospital architecture harmoniously interacts with important and most popular places in the city, such as: The Centennial Hall, The Panorama of the battle of Raclawice or The Contemporary Museum.

Our mission is to deliver better medical care and to restore patient’s functional abilities and the confidence necessary for independent living.

In our daily work we combine the passion and experience with a modern approach to medical care. We want Vratislavia Medica Hospital to become synonymous with superior quality medical services in Poland and in Europe.We provide services in the following areas:

  • Orthopaedics
  • Plastic surgery
  • Rehabilitation and physiotherapy
  • Sports Medicine

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