Slip and Fall Injuries: Understanding Your Legal Rights and Options


Slip and fall accidents are very frequent and can happen to anyone. These are the kinds of accidents we simply cannot predict and cannot do much to prevent. It is important to be well-informed before such accidents happen, as we will be ready for the legal process and we will be informed about our legal rights. This is the kind of information everyone should be familiar with as almost everyone has been in such a situation at least once in their lifetime. Here you can find all the essential and brief information about the whole process and the possible outcomes.

What are the Slip and Fall Accidents?

Before applying for any further financial support, we have to know what belongs to the slip and fall accidents and injuries. Although this seems simple, many people cannot distinguish the difference between these kinds of accidents and accidents caused by our faults. Slip and fall injuries can occur when someone falls or slips on someone else’s property due to various reasons, some of which are wet or slippery floors, cracked or destroyed sidewalks, or similar. It is also important to recognize the usual types of injuries, from the small to the serious, such as broken bones, head or spine cord injuries, etc. It is crucial to determine whether we have a legal right to submit for financial support because if the legal authority comes to a conclusion the injury occurred due to your fault, you will only lose time going through the following complex process. Property owners have a responsibility to keep their property accessible and safe, and you should always keep this in mind in case someone tries to convince you the injury was your fault.

First Steps to Take

One of the most crucial things is getting checked by a doctor, as it is important for both your health and further processing. You will need medical records together with other documents, to prove this accident caused any type of injury. You also have to keep in mind that immediate evidence of hazardous conditions is one of the most significant pieces of evidence. If you can take some photos immediately after the accident, do so and keep them for further legal process. Once you have made sure your health is not greatly endangered, you have to consider hiring a slip and fall attorney who will deal with all the legal aspects of the process. You may consider them unnecessary, but you have to know that you will not get the best outcome without their help. Someone who is specialized in this field will know exactly what steps to take and what to expect. He or she will guide you through the process all the way from filing a claim to announcing the decision.

Filling the Claim

Once your lawyer thinks you have gathered all the necessary evidence, it is time to file the claim. It is important to collect all the necessary evidence to prove the negligence of the property owner. You have several options. You may file the claim with the insurance company of the property’s owner and seek financial compensation for medical bills and suffered damage and your attorney can negotiate with them to come to a mutual agreement. Another possibility is filing a personal claim against the property owner, but you usually do this only if you cannot come to an agreement with the insurance company and this can result in an agreement or any kind of a refusal. Your lawyer needs to negotiate and search for a mutual agreement because if they do not accept your offer, this can be complicated and you may end up on trial, which can be a long and challenging process. In such cases, the judge may ask for some additional evidence and may prolong the whole process. If you are not satisfied with the decision, you have the legal right to file an appeal. However, do not do this without the consent of your attorney, as they will give you the best advice on whether you have any chance of changing the decision.

Understanding the Types of Compensation

If you have come to an agreement with the insurance company, or if the court recognizes your situation, you are legally entitled to financial compensation. However, you must understand what this compensation includes and what it depends on. The compensation depends on the specific details of your case; they analyze the seriousness of your injuries and your current health, together with the price of medical expenses. This compensation can cover the already mentioned hospital expenses you suffered because of the slip and fall accident, together with medications, physical therapy, and surgeries if there were any. Having in mind this information, it is easy to determine how much your compensation is going to be. This also covers the lost wages as you have been unable to work because of the injury. Your salary will be calculated according to the period you were unable to work. You can also claim financial support for suffering and emotional distress, this does not have to include those sufferings when the accident occurred, but any type of emotional distress during the accident and later on, experienced in a hospital or during some surgery.

Although we all want to avoid this unpleasant accident, we mostly can’t, and we go through both physical and psychological difficulties without knowing we can take money for our suffering. However, this does not mean you should misuse this to take financial compensation for something that was our own fault. These situations can be overwhelming and, in many cases, traumatic. However, we should not ignore our rights to claim compensation for someone’s negligence. This article includes all the essential information you may need but keep in mind that hiring a lawyer can increase the amount of the compensation and can make