The best way to lose weight and keep it off


Losing weight and maintaining it is the goal for many people. Everyone understands that being at optimal weight is necessary to stay healthy and keep chronic illnesses at bay. However, losing weight is not as easy.

The amount of information on the internet is overwhelming. Some claim to eat a low-fat diet; others want you to give up carbs completely, and others claim intermittent fasting is the best way to lose the extra calories. And while most of these work and are healthy, they might not suit you.

Everybody is different and requires a different approach to losing weight. In short, there is no easy way to lose weight and maintain it. Not every approach will work for everyone, either. Still, you can take a few steps to lose weight and become healthier.

Say no to emotional eating.

It is a universal truth that humans do not eat to satisfy their hunger. They eat to satisfy their emotional needs too. When you are stressed or angry, do you notice eating more food?

Maybe you binge on chocolate or start eating packs of chips. It happens when you eat to satisfy your emotions instead of your hunger. If you do this often, you will wreck your body and put on weight.

Eating your favorite food, even if it’s pizza, mindfully is okay. But binging on it when you are emotionally distraught is not the answer. The best tip to avoid this is to find your triggers. Then find ways to manage them without turning to food. For instance, if you are eating because you are:

  • Stressed? Find ways to manage them instead of eating chocolate, chips, or sweets. Try meditation, journaling, or yoga.
  • Low on energy? Then listen to music, take a short nap, or walk.
  • Lonely? Instead of eating everything in your fridge, call up friends or family. Take yourself on a date and meet new people.

Make lifestyle changes.

Do not try fad diets like keto or paleo. It is not sustainable because when you start eating normally, you gain weight again. Instead, make lifestyle changes.

For instance, eating clean and mindfully is a lifestyle change that can help you lose weight and maintain it. Limit processed food, say no to sugary drinks, and avoid foods that inflame your body completely. Knowing what works for your body and what does not will help you stay healthier.

Workout regularly

Working out helps your body become flexible and healthy and lose fat. You build muscles and lose fat when you work out three to five times a week. Also, it is best to include a variety of exercises in your routine.

For instance, you can do Pilates on one or two days, go for walks on other days, perform cardio and strength training on one day, and do yoga one day. Find a rhythm that suits you.

Pilates is one of the best forms of exercise to sustainably lose weight. Join an online pilates class to reap its benefits, which surpass just the physical form.

Add protein to your diet.

Losing and maintaining weight becomes easier when you fuel it with the right nutrients. And protein is the best nutrient, as it keeps you full. It reduces your appetite, so you snack less. Also, it takes more energy to digest protein, so it helps ignite the body’s natural metabolism.

Try to add at least 20–30 grams of protein to all your meals. Starting your day with a high-protein breakfast is also the best.

Pay attention to what you drink.

You track everything you eat and under specific calories, yet you gain weight.

The reason?

You are not tracking your liquid calories. Intaking sugary drinks, like frappuccinos, sugary teas, sodas, and juices, will increase your weight. They are empty calories, as they have no health benefits but increase your calorie consumption.

Take charge of the food environment.

Successfully lose weight and maintain it by taking charge of what and how you eat.

For instance, cook at home, eat an early dinner, and do not eat anything till breakfast. It will give your body time to digest food and help you lose weight.

Remember, the goal should be to stay healthy. Weight will come off with time, but don’t try to lose it exceptionally fast. Otherwise, you will end up with health issues.