Advanced Radiology Partners with eInformatics to Create a Safer Patient Experience


Advanced Radiology has collaborated with eInformatics to implement the software provider’s Wait In Car application across their Connecticut imaging sites. The application allows the diagnostic imaging group to manage patient flow and provide the safest possible exam experience for patients and clinical staff.

“Our first priority has always been the health and safety of our patients,” said Clark Yoder, Advanced Radiology Consultants’ CEO. “The Wait In Car application empowers us to help prevent the spread of the virus, while providing a safer, less stressful environment for our patients and our staff.” In addition to the new technology, Advanced Radiology has implemented comprehensive safety policies, including use of protective equipment, regular disinfection of all equipment, and pre-screening of patients, at each of their clinical sites. “It is important to keep in mind that we are all facing this challenge together,” said Mr. Yoder.

Tim Ninke, who led the development for eInformatics, says the new app alleviates crowded waiting rooms and public clusters of patients found in many areas of the country. “It is our hope the new app contributes to a safer and more productive practice-patient experience at this critical time. This really is what Wait in Car is all about.”

On the day of their scheduled appointment, patients automatically receive a text message that contains a link they can use to alert the facility upon their arrival and to complete check-in while they wait in their car; including COVID-19 screening questions. Inside the clinical site, Advanced Radiology staff can review and track patient information in real-time as it is fed into their clinical information system. Once the patient successfully completes the screening questions and is ready to be received, the staff sends a follow-up text inviting the patient into the facility for their appointment.

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eInformatics is a physician technology services company offering award winning and market leading solutions to physicians in the areas of Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Practice Management, provider office automation and high speed physician to physician electronic connectivity. Founded in the late 1990’s by a team of people who understand the automation needs of medical practices we strive to meet the concerns of physician practices through customized solutions and innovative technology. We enable our clients to run their practices more efficiently, enhancing patient care, lowering costs and providing significant returns on their investment with us.