Aperio Launches State-of-the-Art Digital Slide Scanning Instrument Featuring Highest Throughput, Com

Aperio, the global leader in providing digital pathology solutions that improve patient care, today announced the launch of the ScanScope® AT, the latest addition to Aperio’s industry-leading, patented line of ScanScope slide scanning instruments.

For more than a decade, Aperio has been the leader in producing high-quality lab instruments for digitizing microscope slides. The new ScanScope AT incorporates the very latest technology to deliver the most compact, highest throughput, lowest cost-per-slide, highest-capacity scanner on the market today with superior image quality and highest first scan success rate for high-throughput applications.

“The ScanScope AT underscores Aperio’s commitment to the continued development and evolution of our already industry-leading digital pathology technology,” said Dirk G. Soenksen, CEO of Aperio. “The AT has a small footprint for easier installation, yet produces the same high-resolution, superior quality images that Aperio is known for.”

Made possible through a combination of improved efficiencies in scan speed, robotic slide loading and handling, and user interface software design combined with high image quality to minimize rescans, the ScanScope AT is a groundbreaking development for the digital pathology market.

With just a 16-inch by 24-inch footprint, the ScanScope AT features a 400-slide capacity with sustained throughput of 30 slides per hour. Utilizing patented line scanning and inline compression technology, the AT can scan a 20x slide in an all-inclusive time of 95 seconds, producing a fully prepared image ready for immediate viewing.

In addition, automated tissue finding, focusing, and calibration processes yield the highest first-scan success rates, resulting in reduced cost per slide and lower total cost of ownership due to low re-scan rates and high-quality images.

The ScanScope AT comes equipped with an elegant, extensively tested, next generation autoloader designed to minimize mechanical complexity. The new autoloader substantially reduces travel distance for the slide, improving overall scan time and reliability. The system interoperates with Sakura slide racks, allowing slides to be transferred into Aperio slide racks 20 at a time, further saving time and improving throughput.

Greg Crandall, Aperio’s chief engineer, stated, “The design of the AT benefits tremendously from Aperio’s 11 years of experience building scanners. Not only is it our fastest scanner to date, it is also our most reliable in terms of slide handling. We have created a horizontal slide loader that holds almost four times as many slides as our previous model while fully supporting the slide throughout a very short travel distance, thus maximizing the safety of even imperfectly prepared slides.”

Digital slides are stored in standard SVS (TIFF) format, consistent with all other Aperio ScanScope scanners and the company’s Spectrum™ image management (PACS) software and high-performance remote viewing technology.

With more system installations than all other digital pathology vendors combined, Aperio is the true global leader and reliable choice for world class digital pathology solutions. The company boasts a global installed base of more than 800 systems in over 30 countries, including more than 500 systems in hospitals and reference laboratories, the 13 largest pharmaceutical companies and a multitude of biotechnology and government organizations.  

About Aperio

Aperio is the leading provider of digital pathology solutions in hospitals, reference labs, and pharmaceutical and research institutions across the world. Today, our affordable and complete product portfolio improves patient care by enhancing quality assurance, delivering more efficient workflows, facilitating access to new and more targeted therapies, and improving pathologists’ skills via lifelong education. Our comprehensive product line features our ScanScope® scanners, Spectrum™ image management (PACS) software, SecondSlide® slide sharing service for pathology, and image analysis tools and services. Aperio’s products are FDA cleared for specific clinical applications, and are intended for research and education use for other applications. For clearance updates and more information please visit www.aperio.com