Outpatient Imaging Group Converts To Digital Imaging With DRX-1, CR Systems From Carestream Health

Brooke Radiology Associates of Richmond, B.C., converted its four clinics in the greater Vancouver area to digital imaging with Carestream Health’s  DRX-1  and  CR systems . A private outpatient imaging group, Brooke Radiology was looking for leading-edge technologies that would deliver high-quality images at an affordable cost, explains Chief Operations Officer Nicola Carmichael.

The practice converted from film to CR and DR systems as part of its adoption of an all-digital workflow. It installed PACS and then implemented digital imaging at its clinics.

“After seeing demonstrations of the wireless, cassette-size DRX-1 system, we immediately knew we wanted this technology for our busiest clinics. It marries the positioning flexibility of a CR cassette with the excellent image quality and immediate image viewing of a DR detector. Its wireless capability is also a key advantage,” said Carmichael.

The group installed a total of four wireless CARESTREAM DRX-1 Systems and two DIRECTVIEW Elite CR Systems at two of its busiest clinics—along with a Quantum Medical Imaging DRX Q-Rad Floor Mounted System at their #3 Road site in Richmond. Brooke Radiology implemented two DIRECTVIEW CR 850 Systems at each of its smaller clinics. The two high-volume clinics each conduct 2,700 imaging exams a month. Existing single-detector DRX-1 systems at these sites can be upgraded to dual-detector systems to increase productivity as imaging volumes increase.

“The installation was rapid and flawless. One day we were using film and the next day images were being sent from the DRX-1 system to our PACS,” she notes. “Our technologists were quickly able to adapt to the new technology because Carestream Health’s DR and CR systems are easy to use and share the same user interface.”

Carmichael added that being able to integrate the new imaging technology with existing x-ray systems was an important factor. “Since we were conducting a large-scale conversion we needed to find the most affordable way possible to achieve our goals—without compromising quality. Being able to add digital imaging without replacing our x-ray systems enabled us to meet our budget requirements,” she said.

The company’s current family of DRX imaging solutions includes: the CARESTREAM DRX-1 System, CARESTREAM DRX-Mobile Retrofit Kit and CARESTREAM DRX-Evolution suite. The company also markets a comprehensive portfolio of CR products including scalable CR systems with multiple workstations and flexible point-of-care CR units.

About Carestream Health

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