Authenticx Launches Generative AI Solution Built Exclusively for Healthcare Customer Experience


Authenticx, the new standard in healthcare for listening at scale, has introduced a new generative AI solution, expanding the capacity for healthcare organizations to use recorded customer conversations as a key source of business insight. The generative AI solution adds to an already well-established AI platform that uses deep learning to structure, tag, and aggregate trends that surface customer friction and disruptive business processes.

According to Deloitte, 75% of leading healthcare companies are experimenting with or planning to use generative AI (GenAI) in 2024. Authenticx’s 7 billion parameter large language model is the first GenAI platform built specifically for the healthcare customer experience. A collaboration of data scientists, healthcare professionals and social scientists has built and trained the platform to identify problems faced by all healthcare customers.

“We’re in the middle of a transformation in technology being driven by amazing tools like GenAI, but it’s vital for organizations to stay grounded in practical business needs that new technology like this can serve,” said Eric Prugh, Chief Product Officer of Authenticx. “Authenticx helps organizations identify and solve issues and we have been intentional in how we’ve introduced GenAI to our platform to further enrich those capabilities.”

The platform’s GenAI capabilities proactively summarize conversations into topics that are aggregated into insights across thousands or millions of similar customer interactions. From here, teams use GenAI to sift through thousands of data points that help streamline deeper analysis and develop business strategies to improve the customer experience and other activities that directly impact an organization’s ROI.

With this launch, Authenticx’s enhanced GenAI features:

  • Insights Summaries: Summarize noteworthy insights from key reports surfaced from conversational data analysis using GenAI.

  • Conversation Summaries: Auto-generate summaries from long conversations that provide context and easy reading to quickly disseminate by teams.

  • Generative Conversations: Identify the main topics of discussion occurring across your conversations automatically to help your team proactively address emerging issues, understand concerns or measure impact of implemented changes.

  • Coaching Notes (Coming Soon): Automate the delivery of tailored coaching notes to compile a set of recommendations based on agent performance across their conversation.

“It’s essential for any type of AI adoption to start by identifying a real problem. One problem we commonly see is organizations don’t realize where complex processes negatively impact the customer experience,” said Amy Brown, Founder and CEO of Authenticx. “The best way to understand these problems is to listen to conversations where barriers are encountered. With these expanded GenAI capabilities, organizations will proactively be able to understand roadblocks at scale and remedy the real frustrations healthcare customers and agents experience.”