Best Practices Sixth Medical Affairs Consortium Roundtable to Focus on Health Economics & Outcomes R


Best Practices' Medical Affairs Consortium provides Medical Affairs leaders with a forum for sharing insights about the key challenges they face. The consortium has developed a mechanism for creating and sharing solutions through virtual roundtable discussions where leaders discuss key findings from the Medical Affairs Consortium survey. This roundtable is the final roundtable out of a total of three in the 2014-2015 Medical Affairs Consortium.

This roundtable will examine the following areas:

Longevity of Health Outcomes Groups
Health Outcomes Leadership
Health Outcomes Reporting Structure
Medical Affairs' Role in Health Outcomes Activities
Medical Affairs' Role in Collecting Health Outcomes Data
Utilization of Health Outcomes Data
Impact of Health Outcomes Data on Decisions

Research from Best Practices' 2014-2015 Medical Affairs Consortium will provide leaders with an evidence-based understanding of current and evolving approaches to the most important Medical Affairs challenges.  Current consortium members include, but are not limited to: Baxter, Biogen, Genentech, ProStrakan, Sanofi, and Upsher-Smith.

For more information regarding the Medical Affairs Consortium studies, please review our Weekly Medical Affairs Consortium Research Release.

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