CCT Research Announces New Partnership with BEKHealth


CCT Research has announced an exciting partnership with BEKHealth. The collaboration streamlines access to electronic medical records (EMR) data, across CCT sites and drives a data-driven approach to trial execution and management.

CCT has established itself as an innovator in conducting clinical trials. Using BEKHealth, a provider of software solutions for enhancing clinical research processes, will enable CCT to more accurately identify and fit studies to its sites. The deep commitment by both companies to improving the outcomes of clinical trials made the relationship a natural fit.

“One of CCT’s driving forces is to promote an environment of innovation and continuous improvement,” said Jennifer Kocour, President, CCT Research. “Our partnership with BEKHealth strengthens our ability to identify potential research participants, ultimately creating greater accessibility to clinical trials.”

More than just a “technology” partnership, this collaboration with BEKHealth is also patient-centric– which remains a top priority for CCT. Once studies are awarded, it will power onsite research by identifying patients who fit studies best, saving sites, patients, and staff time and hassle.

“At the individual site level, our goal is to optimize research to be as beneficial to the practice and its patients as possible with minimal disruption to the clinics day-to-day operations. We view data and technology as central to that strategy and couldn’t be more excited to work with BEKHealth,” said Kyle McAllister, Vice President, Data & Analytics, CCT Research.

“The breadth and depth of CCTs network was an exciting opportunity. The ability to leverage technology to centralize key drivers of success such as feasibility, site selection, patient recruitment and analytics drives a new paradigm in clinical research,” said Jason Baumgartner, CEO and Founder, BEKHealth. “Our platform is secure and activation creates a minimal burden on IT teams. What this means for the provider and patient is our collaboration will have a major impact quickly.”

“We provide an integrated clinical operating platform that enables companies to streamline research across multiple key processes,” said Josh Ransom, PhD, Vice President, Customer Experience, BEKHealth. “Ultimately this means our partners can scale their businesses faster by improving operational efficiency while taking out manual and inefficient steps.”

About CCT Research

CCT Research is a network of clinical research sites embedded in the offices of skilled physicians conducting clinical trials to offer patients with innovative medical treatments and safe, effective care options.

CCT Research was founded in 2017 and has more than 20 locations across Arizona, Georgia, Kentucky, Nebraska, Nevada, and Utah. The sites are located within physicians’ offices, within ACO networks, and several dedicated research centers.

CCT supports research in Neurology, Family Practice, and Dermatology, with plans to include additional therapy areas soon. The company’s unique model simplifies the process for trial participants and provides pharmaceutical sponsors with high-quality data.