CipherHealth Unveils Next-Generation Patient Engagement Platform for Enhanced Personalization, and Scale to Improve Patient Experiences


CipherHealth, a recognized leader and innovator in patient-centered communications, engagement, and insights for the nation’s leading healthcare systems,  announced the next generation of its Patient Engagement Platform. At the heart of the platform is a powerful digital orchestration engine that serves as an intelligent hub to manage all patient, staff, and caregiver communication for improved workflow efficiencies and cost savings. Most importantly, this engine functions across CipherHealth’s entire suite of in-care rounding solutions and pre- and post-care outreach solutions, allowing for a single, unified system that closes critical care gaps and completes the communications loop by capturing contextual conversational data.

The post-pandemic era has ushered in a slate of challenges for healthcare organizations as they adjust to new consumerism trends and growing patient demands for real-time, personalized care across many novel modalities. Further, health systems are focused on recouping lost revenue and minimizing leakage in their patient populations all while aiming to reduce the burden on their staff and consolidate technology solutions.

“It’s clear that yesterday’s engagement strategies no longer meet the changing dynamics of the industry,” said CipherHealth Chief Executive Officer Jake Pyles. “Our platform, underpinned by a powerful, interoperable engagement engine, connects providers, patients, and caregivers through scalable, automated, and multi-modal communications solutions that are highly customizable, providing both contextualized and actionable insights for care teams and providers. CipherHealth is evolving to have a suite of services enabled by a flexible platform that captures rich engagement data that will allow us to fulfill our vision of continually improving patient experience through new complementary services.”

As part of the next-generation platform launch, CipherHealth is unveiling three solutions designed to deliver more personalized, intelligent, and actionable information to patients and their diverse set of caregivers at every stage of the care continuum. Additional solutions are slated for release later in the year.

EHR Activation Gateway: The EHR Activation Gateway closes key patient communication and data gaps by improving message deliverability rates, driving patient portal activations, reducing appointment no-shows, improving workflows, and allowing for vendor consolidation. Through a direct integration with Epic, the solution allows healthcare organizations to send messages originating in the EHR directly to patients without the need for extensive multi-vendor IT infrastructure.

The digital orchestration engine enables more personalized and effective healthcare conversations by layering the additional engagement data on to a patient’s medical record.

Enhanced Appointment Reminders: As an extension of its Appointment Reminders solution, CipherHealth has introduced a streamlined way for patients to automatically reschedule appointments via text message. Through direct integration with Epic App Orchard, CipherHealth customers can enable self-service appointment rescheduling to keep provider schedules full, reduce staffing needs for call centers, increase revenue, and improve patient experience. This allows patients to more efficiently and automatically manage their own appointment schedules, helping reduce care gaps while increasing patient satisfaction.

Caregiver Engagement: Underscored by the challenges in family and caregiver engagement during the pandemic, when loved ones couldn’t be in the room with patients, CipherHealth also plans to release a new family and friends communications solution later this year. The family and caregiver engagement solution, designed to keep loved ones informed and patients safe and healthy before, during and after medical interactions, will also integrate directly with EHR systems and significantly reduce the burden placed on burned out nurses and call center staff.

“The last year and a half have accelerated the redefinition of what it means to actually engage with patients and re-emphasized the importance of engaging caregivers,” said Greg Caressi, Sr. Vice President, Global Client Lead at Frost & Sullivan. “What patients want and what many healthcare systems are actually delivering to keep patients informed, up-to-date, and continuously connected are still oceans apart—as evidenced by lackluster patient adoption rates of patient portals. CipherHealth’s scalable and intelligent engagement engine allows providers to reach both patients and caregivers with the right message, at the right place, and at the right time, and expand capabilities on a single platform, versus cobbling together a growing set of point solutions.”

About CipherHealth
CipherHealth is an award-winning digital patient engagement company committed to enhancing communication and coordination throughout the care continuum. Since 2009, CipherHealth has helped define the patient engagement category, delivering groundbreaking tools and superior services to help health systems deliver patient-centric, quality care that improves clinical outcomes, drives operational efficiency, and creates sustainable financial value through a full suite of communications solutions. CipherHealths’s automated, scalable platform empowers healthcare organizations to drive meaningful conversations among patients, provider staff and caregivers, regardless of care setting, thereby achieving new standards for patient care and accelerating the digital transformation of the industry.