Circular Makes Smart Rings Even Smarter with the Launch of Circular Ring Slim the World’s Thinnest and Lightest Health Ring


Following the success of the groundbreaking Circular Ring Pro, Circular, pioneers of smart ring technology, is excited to unveil the Circular Ring Slim, the thinnest, and lightest, most intuitive smart ring in the world and the first to incorporate haptic navigation and alerts. Paired with Kira+, Circular’s powerful AI wellness assistant, the sleek Circular Ring Slim assesses 7 biometrics and 142 derived markers 24/7 to help people sleep better and live healthier lives. By optimizing physical activities and maintaining mental wellness it is making personalized, preventative health a reality.

Circular is creating the next generation of remote monitoring solutions for consumers and health professionals built into the most wearable wearables – elegant, high-performing smart rings. The Circular Ring Slim is the company’s second smart ring, following in the footsteps of its original Circular Ring Pro. Both are designed to be used and worn constantly, providing a full circle of health information and delivering on the promise of proactive, personal health.

Circular Ring Slim – Miniature but Mighty

Measuring 2.2 mm in thickness and weighing only 2 grams, the Circular Ring Slim is the slimmest and lightest wearable in the world. It is also one of the most precise health trackers available, thanks to a suite of advanced sensors. It has a three-axis accelerometer count that assesses activity and movement, a surface temperature sensor, and advanced PPG sensors combining three different LED light wavelengths, green, red, and infrared, to capture a range of health vitals such as heart and respiratory rates, blood oxygen levels and heart rate variability.

With a 6-day battery life and 20 days of on-board memory, Circular Ring is designed to be constantly worn day and night. Its ultra-thin design ensures maximum comfort, and its mat black titanium shell makes it a perfect accessory for any social or business setting. It collects health data every 2 minutes to provide 15 times more health data than competitive trackers. By being continuously worn, Circular Ring Slim helps build a picture of overall health and can help predict potential health conditions.

During the day, the ring captures activity, blood oxygen levels, energy levels, calories burned, heart rate, respiration rate, and chronotype, among other metrics, while at night, the ring ambiently tracks circadian rhythm and records sleep quality, heart rate variability, sleep disturbances, REM cycles, and sleep and wake times. Its sensors measure temperature variations during sleep, which, combined with other biometrics, can provide a clearer picture of immune systems and provide early detection of the onslaught of illness.

Good Vibrations

As well as being the slimmest smart ring available, it is also the first to feature both haptic navigation and feedback. The Circular Ring Pro button is replaced on the Circular Ring Slim with a complete haptic navigation interface. Users select various functions by tapping inputs anywhere around the ring. Haptic vibrations are also used to provide feedback and alerts and drive a number of features, including a Smart Alarm Clock that will gently wake a person at the optimal time in the sleep cycle with gentle vibrations, Medication Reminders providing alerts when it is time to take medicine and Guided Breathing Exercises, providing prompts to inhale, hold and excel for calming breathing exercises and improved sleep hygiene.

Kira+, the AI Assistant Providing Personalized, Precise, and Predictive Health To make actionable sense of the wealth of data collected by the new slim version of the Circular Ring, it is connected to Kira+, an AI-powered conversational health and wellness assistant. Trained with millions of health data points and leveraging the latest generative AI language models, Kira+ is like having a personal health coach on hand 24/7, providing personalized health information and recommendations in a reliable and relatable way.

Kira+ continually analyzes the ring’s data and gets to know the user over time. Over a 14-day period, Kira+ asks questions about daily habits and preferences to set a base level. Based on an in-depth analysis of a user’s parameters, chronotype, digital biomarkers, and health goals, Kira+ then delivers personalized health recommendations and analyses tailored to individual users. Unlike other smart devices, this valuable advice is offered free without incurring monthly subscription fees.

Getting better over time, Kira+ also assesses the multitude of biomarkers monitored to predict potential health lifestyle or nutritional issues before they occur or even provides an early warning system for detractions in medication compliance.

Living within the Circular app that helps visualize data and trends over time, Kira+ also provides motivation through gamification strategies, challenges, leaderboards, and even the ability to earn financial rewards through the Circular Coin program. By achieving health or activity goals, users can earn Circular Coins, a digital currency that can be exchanged for Circular’s products and services such as outer shells, chargers, cable, rings, premium app features, or trusted 3rd party products and services.