Virtual-Ports Secures Exclusive Collaboration with Mitsubishi Japan Healthcare Division for Improved Surgical Efficiency


Virtual-Ports Ltd, a prominent player in the medical device industry known for its innovative surgical solutions, is delighted to announce a new strategic partnership with MC Medical, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation and a respected leader in advanced surgical devices in Japan. MC Medical is recognized for its representation of top-tier brands and specialization in Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS), a field where precision and innovation are crucial to meeting the increasing patient demand for improved clinical outcomes and reduced operational risks.

This collaboration represents Virtual-Ports’ commitment to enhancing the support provided to Japanese surgeons. Their all-in-one medical devices platform, characterized by single-handed, multi-application design, promises to significantly improve visibility and access in abdominal surgery.

This innovative approach empowers surgeons by giving them greater control and clinical precision, reducing their dependency on operating room support, and ultimately lowering the risks of complications and associated costs. This strategic move is a significant step in Virtual-Ports’ global commercial expansion strategy, offering a distinct value proposition to the surgical community and healthcare providers in Japan.