Covera Health Announces Approval of its Patient Safety Organization by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality


Covera Health, the country’s leading provider of clinical analytics solutions to reduce medical misdiagnoses and improve healthcare quality, announced approval of its certification as a patient safety organization (PSO) by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), the lead agency charged with improving the quality and safety of America’s healthcare system.

Covera Health collaborates with healthcare providers across the country in support of their efforts to better define, measure, and reduce misdiagnoses. AHRQ’s formal approval of the company’s certification as a PSO is a logical extension and validation of the company’s overall mission to improve quality of care. Covera Health’s PSO joins an exclusive roster of less than 100 PSOs nationally set up to study and implement quality and safety-forward initiatives to enhance delivery of care.

“The recognition of Covera’s PSO is a testament to our unwavering commitment to improved patient outcomes,” said Covera Health CEO, Ron Vianu, “The entire north star of our company has been and continues to be centered around collaborating with physicians to help support their efforts to detect and reduce preventable medical errors. Forming and receiving approval as a certified PSO deepens our commitment and resolve to accomplish those goals.”

Medical misdiagnosis remains one of the most impactful and overlooked areas of the healthcare system. Covera Health’s data-driven approach to solving it is a critical lever in helping providers and payers improve patient outcomes.

“Since inception, we’ve made it our mission at Covera Health to support radiologists and the broader physician community in providing high-quality care for patients, above all else,” said Richard Herzog, MD, FACR, Covera Health’s Chief Medical Officer and Director of Spinal Imaging at the Hospital for Special Surgery. “The Covera PSO allows us to further deepen our collaboration with these physicians, both to improve care for patients nationwide and to demonstrate the fundamental value of high-quality radiology in leading to better healthcare outcomes.”

“We congratulate Covera Health in taking the initiative to establish a PSO, and for gaining the inherent validation that comes with the certification,” said Peggy Binzer, Executive Director of the Alliance for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety, the nation’s leading professional association for PSOs. “The PSO designation signals forward-thinking leadership in quality and patient safety, and Covera Health is truly deserving of that designation.”

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