Dedalus Expands Work with AWS as a Strategic Cloud Provider to Transform the Digital Healthcare Ecosystem Globally


Dedalus announced expanded work with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to support global digital transformation in healthcare through hosting Dedalus’s health-related solutions on AWS.

Dedalus is a leading healthcare and diagnostic software provider in Europe and one of the largest in the world, providing solutions that touch more than 540 million people across 6,300 healthcare organizations in 40 countries. Dedalus has more electronic health records (EHRs) installed in hospitals outside the U.S. than any other vendor and manages more than 3 billion diagnostic results per year.

With the healthcare industry under pressure to transform in response to an emphasis on value- based care and better meet patient needs, cloud-based services can help create a healthcare ecosystem that is more secure and reliable and ultimately enables providers to focus on delivering better care. Together, utilizing the cloud, Dedalus and AWS will offer customers around the world cost-optimization and agility via smart provisioning and need-based elasticity, built-in disaster recovery, as well as improved clinical system performance, reliability, availability, and security and compliance posture.

“We are finally seeing an acceleration in the healthcare community embracing a digital transformation,” said Andrea Fiumicelli, CEO of Dedalus Group. “We hear from our customers that they need solutions for the enormous challenges they face related to security, continuity, reliability, performance and cost. Our customers have seen concrete benefits of utilizing AWS, like reducing operating costs by leveraging the elasticity of the cloud, as well as the reduced impact on carbon footprint and the performance improvement for end users.”

With Dedalus on AWS, Dedalus will offer global deployments across its expansive portfolio, including:

  • Electronic health record (EHR) products powered by our digital platforms such as Digital Connect 4 Healthcare (DC4H), which run on AWS utilizing containers and microservices. Our digital platforms enable interoperability and a Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR)-based integrated care record so healthcare organizations can generate contextual and actionable insights from across multiple clinical and operational systems for informed and timely decision
  • Integrated workflow services, such as the Integrated Healthcare Information Solution (HCIS), which support administrative, clinical and financial processes, including prescription and pharmacy management and surgical suite management platforms, to offer better and safer care for patients and a more efficient and flexible working environment for healthcare
  • Connected care solutions through a multi-tenant platform that supports the continuity of care for patients from assessment in hospital or primary care settings, to the provisioning of social services, through care evaluation and financial This enables healthcare and service professionals across the wider healthcare ecosystem to support patient needs, including those of the elderly and medically complex, in an integrated way, while allowing patients themselves to play an active role.
  • Enterprise scheduling and digital front door solutions, such as SwiftQueue, a market- leading cloud-native patient portal and an appointment and scheduling solution. Utilizing AWS, SwiftQueue enables more efficient, patient-designed processes for appointment booking and check-in, managing clinical workflows, referrals, and waiting
  • Medical imaging solutions, including PACSonWeb, an Enterprise Imaging solution based on a cloud-native architecture that enables an ecosystem with improved security features, fast and easy access to all digital images and With a 100% web interface, it lowers total cost of ownership and maintenance without installations.

By delivering these workloads on AWS, organizations can focus less on data center management and more on improving the quality of care and outcomes for the patients and communities they serve.

“Working with Dedalus to migrate our EHRs to the cloud has given us a level of flexibility, resilience and robustness, providing value at a rapid pace. It also shows our staff that we are a technology enabled organization, and we see that as an essential element of the care we provide to our patients,” said Andrew Raynes, Chief Information Officer of Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in UK. “We have seen performance improvements in EHR functions, like faster retrieval of clinical data. The planning and teamwork that came together between my digital team and Dedalus for the move to the cloud was so important, because this move was our health records for our patients.”

Currently, Dedalus EHR products on AWS are deployed in more than 50 hospitals in the U.K., with additional migrations planned in 2023 and 2024. With cloud-based EHRs, customers lower their total cost of ownership, improve their security posture, can scale on demand, improve disaster recovery, and increase operational performance system-wide. Hospitals currently utilizing Dedalus’s Lorenzo EHR on AWS saw:

  • 40% reduction in time to serve (across all pages) on average
  • 66% improvement in time to serve across the slowest 10 pages used
  • Validated Disaster Recovery testing with failover in seconds and total system availability in less than 2 minutes, with zero impact on the customer

“We see tremendous value in what we’re undertaking with Dedalus in this next phase of our work together,” said Dr. Rowland Illing, Chief Medical Officer and Director of International Public Sector Health at AWS. “Together, Dedalus and AWS will change what’s possible for healthcare organizations, helping them to speed up innovation while improving operational and clinical processes. Combining Dedalus’s 40 years of expertise in pioneering technology for healthcare with the proven security, reliability, and resilience of the world’s leading cloud will help customers to better serve their populations and improve the quality of care.”