Designing Personalized Healthcare – Global Perspectives


The Global E-Health Forum – Hamburg 2011 is entitled “Designing Personalized Healthcare”. Keynote speakers from Canada, China, Egypt, New Zealand, Russian Federation, U.S.A. and various European countries will present how the quality of healthcare can be improved, how the efficiency of our systems can be increased, how patient empowerment can be ensured – and how e-health contributes to these common goals worldwide. 

“E-Health is increasingly seen as a key enabler for the necessary transformation of our healthcare systems”, says Ljubisav Matejevic, founder and honorary chairman of the Global E-Health Forum. “And as a key enabler for the evolution process towards personalized healthcare in general. Healthcare that is proactive, instead of reactive, gives the patient the opportunity and the responsibility to become more involved in their own health. The ultimate goal will be to shape preventive and diagnostic care to match each person’s unique characteristics.”

 Personalized healthcare has considerable potential to ensure the necessary improvement of the quality of healthcare delivery and to increase the cost-effectiveness of our health systems by providing more complete patient information and applying advanced clinical knowledge into clinical decision making. In this context, Prof. WEN Ze Huai, (M. D.) from Guangdong Traditional Chinese Medicine International Clinical Research Center, will report on clinical and health records analytics and sharing (CHAS) in Guangdong Hospital. By means of CHAS, medical data from multiple systems, including both Western and Chinese traditional medicine, are consolidated and then language processing algorithms are applied to bridge the semantic gap that separates Chinese and Western medicine. In this way, individual patient records can be transferred and accessed anywhere in the Guangdong medical community. Also, by using anonymous record screening techniques, researchers and clinicians can analyze both traditional Chinese medicine and Western medical data to help determine the best treatment for a condition or illness.

 The panel discussion on the second conference day will bring together truly global perspectives on the topic of “Designing Personalized Healthcare”. John Crawford, IBM Healthcare Industry Leader, will deliver an introduction note demanding new healthcare systems in order to better predict and manage demand, optimize patient pathways, provide multi-channel access, and pay for outcomes rather than procedures. Patients should benefit from earlier intervention based on their personal risk profile and better continuity of care. Further participants in the panel discussion are Peter Morgan (Ministry of Health Holdings Singapore), Chai Chuah (New Zealand Ministry of Health), Dr. med. Jörg Weidenhammer, (Asklepios Medical School GmbH) and Sue Hyatt. Sue Hyatt played an instrumental role in establishing and launching Canada’s electronic health records. She may refer to the importance of being able to accurately match and link patient records to enable accurate information sharing while protecting privacy.

Following the two days conference program, the third day will be dedicated to guided tours of five different hospitals and clinics in Hamburg, three of them being Asklepios clinics. The Asklepios Hospital Group is cooperation partner of the Global E-Health Forum. Canada supports the Global E-Health Forum as this year’s partner country.

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