Director, Global E-Health Forum Chairs Panel Session at “Financing & Investing in Hospital Project..

Director of Global E-Health Forum Chairs Panel Session at “Financing and Investing in Hospital Projects and Med-Tech Development” in Moscow Hamburg, November 29, 2010: The focus topic of The Russia, Ukraine and CIS Healthcare Infrastructure Summit 2010 is “Financing and Investing in Hospital Projects and Med-Tech Development”. The summit which takes place on December 8 and 9 on the occasion of the Russian Healthcare Week features six panel sessions, from “Latest trends in Russia, Ukraine & CIS healthcare infrastructure” to “Hospital build and finance – Engaging private sector involvement”. Ljubisav Matejevic, founder and director of the Global E-Health Forum, was requested to be the chairman of panel session # 6 entitled “Financing research & development, healthcare technology and e-health”.

Ljubisav Matejevic will not only speak about the impact of e-health on a sustainable healthcare delivery in his presentation entitled “Global E-Health Forum: A Perspective” but will also chair the session on “Financing research & development, healthcare technology and e-health”.

“Challenges in healthcare are truly global: ageing population, pandemic and chronic diseases, shortage of healthcare workers and economic downturn. Our common objectives are to improve the quality of care, increase efficiency, reduce costs as well as errors and deliver collaborative care for prevention”, states Ljubisav Matejevic. “So, I am very pleased to have the opportunity to explain how our common goals can be bridged with e-health capabilities, i. e. electronic health records, e-health portals, telemedicine, home monitoring, decision support systems, e-prescriptions, knowledge management, business intelligence, e-reimbursement and so many more.”

According to Ljubisav Matejevic, “the necessary transformation of our health systems forges collaborative partnerships. I feel very honored to discuss new partnership, business, funding, and policy models within such a distinguished panel. And I will definitely invite the attendees from Russia, Ukraine and CIS to continue our dialogue at next year’s Global E-Health Forum, which is scheduled for October 11-13 in Hamburg, Germany.”

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