Elevate Addiction Services Integrates Vivalink Platform for Real-Time Detox Monitoring in Inpatient Treatment

Vivalink, a leading provider of digital healthcare solutions, announces its biometric data platform has been successfully integrated into Elevate Addiction Services’ drug and alcohol in-patient detox treatment program. Vivalink’s Biometrics Data Platform, along with its wearable blood pressure cuff and Sp02 sensors, are used to unobtrusively monitor patient vitals to promote improved sleep, reduce risk of negative outcomes, and improve the patient experience.
Elevate Addiction Services uses the Vivalink platform at its residential inpatient treatment centers in northern California, located in Santa Cruz County and South Lake Tahoe. As part of its accredited drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, in-patient detox is a key first step for  Elevate Addiction Services’ clients. Detox requires 24/7 monitoring, including multiple vital checks per day by staff to monitor a patient’s heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels and other key vitals overnight. However, patients in detox are in need of rest and recuperation, and disrupted sleep can be detrimental to their recovery. The Vivalink platform is used to automatically monitor patient vitals, both reducing staff workloads and giving patients the uninterrupted rest they need.
“Vivalink’s technology is a gamechanger for our staff and our clients,” said Dan Manson, President and Co-Founder of Elevate Addiction Services. “Drug and alcohol detox can be an incredibly challenging time for our clients, and sleep is instrumental in ensuring they heal and recover safely. The data and insights from the Vivalink platform are the key to allowing them to sleep as much as possible during detox, while giving our staff peace of mind by being able to monitor their vitals in real-time. All of us at Elevate Addiction Services firmly believe remote patient monitoring is the future of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.”
Vivalink’s biometric data platform is powering technological innovation for the addiction treatment by providing both real-time and retrospective patient data and insights with automated workflow, adding minimal burden to addiction treatment staff. The wearable blood pressure cuff enables multiple systolic and diastolic measurements in a unibody design with no tubes or other accessories. The wearable Sp02 monitor provides continuous tracking of a patient’s oxygen saturation levels without the need for the patient or provider to manually initiate a reading. The biometrics platform is ideal for automated monitoring in the addiction rehabilitation setting to ensure patients are safe and comfortable, while alleviating staff burden.
“Our biometrics data platform automates the entire patient monitoring workflow with the inclusion of a large selection of high quality wearable devices that can be used in a wide array of healthcare and clinical trial settings, and it is rewarding to see compelling applications of the technology,” said Jiang Li, CEO of Vivalink. “We strive to enable a deeper understanding between provider and patient in all of our digital healthcare solutions and look forward to a continued partnership with Elevate Addiction Services.”
In addition to this partnership, Vivalink continues to expand its portfolio of medical sensors for continuous and episodic data capture for virtual healthcare and decentralized clinical trials, measuring ECG rhythm, heart rate and variability, respiratory rate, axillary and skin temperature, oxygen saturation, blood pressure, and more. The Biometrics Data Platform is designed to comply with high standards in the global healthcare industry, including FDA, HIPAA, GDPR, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, ISO 13485, IEC 62304, ISO 14971, ISO 10993, ISO 27001. Vivalink’s wearable sensors and data platform have been adopted by over 200 commercial partners in over 40 countries worldwide.