HEX Innovation Ltd. Signs an Agreement with UPHDMC, Philippines


HEX Innovation Ltd. , specializing in blockchain-based healthcare platform held briefing sessions for Philippines Ministry of Health as well as major hospitals in the Philippines. One of the achievements HEX made is that HEX signed an agreement with UPHDMC (University of Perpetual Help Dalta Medical Center).

Alexander Richards, CMO of HEX Innovation said “We have built trust for mutual understanding regarding Philippines medical process and healthcare blockchain technology through the briefing sessions with Ministry of Health, Philippines and major private and national hospitals in the Philippines.”

UPHDMC holds Level 4 based on Philippines hospital grade that it has been regarded as one of the best hospitals with qualified services.

HEX and UPHDMC will cooperate with each other in blockchain based healthcare platform development, support infrastructure for platform development and expansion of medical information and radiation dose information.

TPLUS, a strategic partner of HEX Innovation Ltd. has also signed an agreement with Carelabs, a leading healthcare platform company in Korea. Especially, Goodoc of Carelabs, a company that provides information of hospitals and drug stores located in Korea has received favorable comments from service users due to its convenient and simple user experiences.

Through this agreement, both companies will collaborate on medical information service development, consulting services for personal health management development and operations and other medical related projects.

HEX team has received considerable interests from participants by participating in various blockchain conferences in November. HEX platform plans to launch alpha version in 2nd quarter and beta version in 4th quarter of 2019.