HOPCo Partners with Future Health Works to Acquire Musculoskeletal Patient Engagement and Outcomes Tracking Platform


Healthcare Outcomes Performance Company (HOPCo), the US leader in musculoskeletal (MSK) physician practice management, outcomes management, and value-based care solutions, has announced the acquisition of MSK-specific technology platforms developed by London based Future Health Works (FHW), including msk.ai.  This partnership will dramatically streamline the rollout of evidence-based protocols, automated clinical decision support, remote care management, and value-based care programs.  FHW’s innovative software has unique capabilities that include remote patient monitoring (RPM) with real-time patient feedback, artificial intelligence, computer vision, and patented motion capture technology.  These platforms, such as myrecovery, have been the preferred patient engagement program for organizations across the UK, including leading Hospitals and Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) within the NHS (National Health Service), provider groups, and implant manufacturers, to provide insights into MSK care, drive improved clinical outcomes, and elevate patient experience and engagement.

“The FHW platforms and their AI capabilities combined with HOPCo’s outcomes management infrastructure will make the transition from volume-based to value-based care easier and more predictable,” said Dr. Wael Barsoum, President and Chief Transformation Officer of HOPCo. “At the same time, providers require more advanced tools to monitor, track, and report outcomes in real-time as part of their participation in value-based care programs.  The myrecovery and msk.ai platforms impressed us because the engagement rates of patients and providers were dramatically higher than any other platforms we have ever studied and tested.”

FHW’s platforms include a full suite of predictive analytics capabilities that serve as an early identifier of patients at higher risk for adverse outcomes or hospital readmissions.  This technology bolsters HOPCo’s already robust outcomes management platform, claims analytics, clinical datasets, and IT tools that have successfully improved clinical outcomes, patient experience, and access to care while lowering the total cost of MSK care and decreasing the historic spending trends for payors across wide geographies.

“Over the last 15 years, HOPCo has had unmatched success in value-based MSK care delivery programs and will continue to do so,” said Dr. Bryan Wall, CMIO at HOPCo. “This acquisition further accelerates HOPCo’s ability to connect patients, providers, and payors, thus enhancing visibility to evidence-based pathways.  All of this leads to improved outcomes and savings in a much more meaningful way than other solutions.  This also helps HOPCo continue to become the global leader in musculoskeletal complex data management.”

HOPCo is currently partnered with health systems and physicians in more than 30 states and continues to partner with payors across the US in advanced value-based care programs, including the country’s first statewide MSK-focused population health program in Arizona.  With the addition of the FHW platform, HOPCo is creating an unparalleled technology infrastructure that offers comprehensive analytics and care enhancement services to health systems, physician practices, payors, and patients across the US.

“By leveraging HOPCo’s infrastructure and proven track record of combining data, technologies, and clinical care delivery expertise that unlocks better outcomes and value in the MSK space, FHW can remain focused on our core competencies and accelerate the further development of patient-centric, value-based, care delivery technology solutions,” said Dr. Thomas Harte, CEO and co-founder of FHW.  “We are excited to have the support and expertise of HOPCo to ensure we replicate in the US the success we have had in the UK and elsewhere.”

This cross-border deal was facilitated and managed by MedWorld Advisors, a leading MedTech/ Healthcare specialized M&A Advisory Firm based in the United States, with offices and partners around the world.