iBleep partners with Socket Mobile and Dakota Integrated Solutions to revolutionize hospital communi


Socket Mobile, Inc., an innovative provider of mobile productivity solutions, today announced the formation of a partnership with iBleep Ltd. and Dakota Integrated Solutions in order to provide advanced wireless communication systems to healthcare organizations throughout the National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom and elsewhere.

iBleep is an interactive web-based messaging system designed to contact on-call doctors and communicate critical information gathered from hospital ward nurses via wireless network. Using a color coded system similar to that of a traffic signal, ward nurses rank the calls red, amber or green according to the urgency of assistance required, with red being the most urgent. Ward nurses are also able to include notes and patient observations such as heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen saturation, which help doctors to further prioritize calls and respond accordingly.

“Feedback from hospital staff has been extremely positive—they love the whole system,” said Mike Jackson, sales and marketing director of Dakota Integrated Solutions. “The current paging system is very cumbersome; it takes six or seven attempts to reach a doctor, and then the doctor still has to call the ward directly to get more details. iBleep is much more intuitive, allowing for a quicker response time and enabling clinicians to spend more time with patients in need of attention.”

The Socket SoMo® 650Rx handheld computer is used by on-call doctors and junior doctors to receive and interact with the calls relayed by the iBleep application. Recommended to iBleep by Dakota Integrated Solutions, the SoMo 650Rx was chosen for its durability and antimicrobial plastic casing, which is ideal in clinical environments where infection control is a priority. Dakota Integrated Solutions is a Socket Vertical Industry Partner (VIP) and has an informal alliance partnership with iBleep for reciprocal business with the SoMo 650Rx handheld computer.

“The SoMo 650Rx is a superb piece of equipment; the speed of iBleep within the device is astonishing, and we’ve pushed the battery in excess of 40 hours of constant connectivity—that represents 4-5 shifts per doctor,” said Roy Walters, managing director of iBleep. “In the past we’ve been fairly agnostic in terms of recommending devices, but we’re so pleased with the performance of the SoMo that our team has certified it as the device of choice to run the iBleep application.”

Designed to replace the traditional numeric paged call, iBleep provides essential data on call and team activity, which can be used to redefine how work is allocated to team members and to identify tasks currently performed by doctors that could be handled by non-medical staff.

“iBleep is an innovative communication tool with the potential to change the way clinicians respond to and prioritize tasks, leading to improved productivity and a more efficient allocation of hospital resources,” said Chuck Furedy, senior vice president of worldwide sales at Socket Mobile. “We’re pleased that the Socket platform was chosen to be part of this system, and we’re looking forward to a rewarding partnership with iBleep and Dakota Integrated Solutions.”

About iBleep Ltd.

iBleep specializes in mobile communications within the Healthcare Industry with a portfolio of solutions and reporting interfaces that suit the requirements of the end user. For more information visit www.iBleep.net

About Dakota Integrated Solutions

Dakota Integrated Solutions has a wealth of knowledge and experience in specifying and implementing all types of data capture and mobile data capture solutions including hardware, software, integration with 3rd party ERP/Hospital systems and wireless deployment. Additionally, Dakota has added truly mobile application solutions to support clients’ drive to maximize efficiencies, increase profitability and, in the case of healthcare customers, help free up clinicians to devote more time to patient care. For more information visit www.dakotais.co.uk

About Socket Mobile, Inc.

Socket makes mobility computing and productivity work. The company is a one-stop supplier of mobile computing hardware systems, offering a handheld mobile computer specifically designed for business mobility use and an extensive portfolio of essential mobile data collection and networking peripherals that enable mobile automation and productivity increases. The company also offers OEM solutions. Socket is headquartered in Newark, Calif. and can be reached at 510-933-3000 or www.socketmobile.com