InterSystems Provides TrakCare to United Family Hospitals in China


InterSystems Corporation today announced a new contract providing United Family Hospitals with InterSystems TrakCare?, an advanced Web-based healthcare information system, across the UFH network of hospitals and clinics in China to create a unified healthcare information platform to support the organization's rapid growth.

United Family Hospitals and Clinics (UFH) — a pioneering, world-class healthcare organization in China — along with InterSystems China took less than four months to complete the first implementation of TrakCare at the new Guangzhou United clinic.

Deployments at other UFH outpatient clinics and hospitals in Beijing and Shanghai are expected to be completed over the next eighteen months. UFH will also deploy TrakCare in the expansion of its Beijing facilities and at its anticipated new full service hospital in Guangzhou.

TrakCare supports UFH's rapid growth by providing advanced clinical and administrative functionality — including multi-language and multi-currency support — and a shared Electronic Patient Record within a single unified healthcare information platform that also provides easy interoperability with other information systems.

Roberta Lipson, CEO of Chindex International, which owns and operates UFH, stated, "We have aggressive plans for expansion of the UFH network in China and, while our previous information platform was excellent, it could not meet our increasing requirements. TrakCare gives us a solid platform across our network to support us in our growth plan."

Daniel Fulton, Vice President of Information Technology Services for UFH, said, "We needed a world-class healthcare information solution from a vendor with the experience of international best practices and a strong local implementation and support team in China."

Rapid deployment was possible because of a good fit with UFH's requirements and the flexibility of the Web-based TrakCare solution. TrakCare's ease of configuration was key, allowing InterSystems to supply a solution without extensive customization.

"InterSystems TrakCare was by far the product that came the closest to meeting our needs," said Mr. Fulton. "The fit was in the 70-80% range, the rest comes down to configuration."

UFH is already gaining benefits at the Guangzhou United clinic. "On the billing side TrakCare is doing everything we wanted to do. We are very happy with the support for the insurance plans and with the multi-currency and multi-language support," said Mr. Fulton.

"Leading healthcare providers across the region like UFH are delivering the best possible quality of patient care and improving operational efficiency using our technology," said InterSystems Managing Director for Asia Pacific, Joerg Klingler. "With TrakCare's Electronic Patient Record, for example, clinicians can access a patient's complete medical history which helps prevent prescribing errors and adverse drug reactions."

TrakCare's integration capability, enabled by the InterSystems Ensemble® rapid integration and SOA platform, also proved to be very valuable.

At the Guangzhou clinic, TrakCare has already been integrated with software from an InterSystems application partner, Disclinc's Alphalinc supply chain system, and CMPMedica's MIMS online drug database. "CMPMedica provides a good local pharmaceutical dataset which is key to preventing adverse drug reactions and takes us to a new level in providing support systems for our clinicians," said Mr. Fulton.

Alphalinc ensures efficient handling of medicines and other materials, which can account for up to 40 percent of a provider's total expenses, from suppliers to pharmacists, nursing stations, emergency rooms, patient wards, and operating theaters with full visibility over item availability, location, lot and expiry data, costs and pricing.

UFH is also integrating TrakCare with its Oracle Financials accounting system. Interoperability with specialist dental systems and ENT systems is also planned.

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