InterSystems TrakCare selected by leading teaching hospital in the Middle East


InterSystems Corporation has signed a landmark deal to provide its Australian-developed TrakCare healthcare information system (HIS) to the new Sharjah Teaching Hospital in the United Arab Emirates.

The 210-bed Sharjah Teaching Hospital is in the final phase of completion and is expected to receive the first patient in the first quarter of 2010. The state-of-the-art hospital will be the leading teaching hospital in the region, offering world-class healthcare services. Situated adjacent to the Medical and Health Sciences campus of the University of Sharjah, and the Sharjah Medical Excellence Cluster, the Hospital will provide the residents of Sharjah, the UAE, and the region unique and unprecedented access to the leading medical experts and the applications of the latest developments in medical research.

InterSystems TrakCare?, the leading Web-based HIS, will be deployed in all areas of the hospital. The system will allow the clinicians and other clinical staff immediate secured access to the seamless integrated electronic patient information from all departments and laboratories, at all times. The system will also streamline all aspects of patients' admission and discharge through the online accurate processing of all the relevant information associated with each patient. Sharjah's investment in TrakCare is another demonstration of the hospital's commitment to ensuring it has the very best resources to provide the best possible healthcare services to the patients.

"From the very beginning of this important project we have made every effort to ensure the realisation of His Highness' vision for the hospital to be the beacon for quality healthcare services in the region," said Dr. Amr Abdel-Hamid, Special Advisor to His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah. "The buildings are magnificent and the selected medical facilities are outstanding by all standards. Our team conducted a very thorough analysis of all the offers we received from the leading suppliers of patient management systems and found TrakCare to be the most appropriate for our needs. The signing of this agreement is the climax of major efforts by many specialists from both sides during the last twelve months," added Dr. Amr Abdel-Hamid.

TrakCare and the associated infrastructure are additional examples of our resolve to use state-of-the-art technologies to support patient care, scientific research and the education and training of medical and health students at the University of Sharjah," said Dr. Hossam Hamdi, Vice Chancellor for the Medical and Health Science Colleges at the University of Sharjah. "Our strategic imperative is to utilise the best available technologies to enable our clinical staff to provide high-quality healthcare while maintaining the efficiency of our operations.

Dr. Yaseen Hayjaneh, Director of Information Technology at Sharjah Teaching Hospital, added: "TrakCare will improve patient outcomes and service by effectively and efficiently automating and streamlining hospital operations. It will have a major impact on processes such as results reporting and order entry as well as provide access to diagnostic images and patient information coupled with electronic documentation. In addition, it will lead to improved communication between clinical and administrative staffs of the hospital. We look forward to the system's full implementation and to reaping the benefits of this investment."

"We are delighted to be chosen to provide our TrakCare HIS for this prestigious project," confirms Robert Long, Business Development Manager for InterSystems Middle East. "When we opened our offices in the UAE last year, InterSystems took direct responsibility for negotiating with the client team at Sharjah Teaching Hospital which was essential to properly share their vision, and we now look forward to continuing our work with their specialists to fully implement the system."

InterSystems will work closely with the hospital team over the coming months to implement the solution. Sharjah Teaching Hospital has no legacy HIS systems but TrakCare will need to be integrated with some additional essential applications, including a document management system, a Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) and core back office applications.

This integration is key to realising one of the primary benefits of TrakCare: its detailed business intelligence and management information.

TrakCare is renowned globally, and the business intelligence it provides helps hospitals improve patient outcomes," Mr. Long concluded. "We believe this will be of significant value to Sharjah Teaching Hospital as it seeks to analyse its performance on clinical and administrative issues to improve care and reduce costs.

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