Lahey Hospital & Medical Center Launches NavvTrack Indoor Navigation & Location Services Platform


Navv Systems, Inc. (NSI) announces that Lahey Hospital & Medical Center(LHMC), located in Burlington, Massachusetts, will launch its enterprise indoor navigation & location services platform called NavvTrack®.

NavvTrackcombines a GPS-grade digital twin of the entire hospital, Apple’s Indoor Positioning, and the existing WiFi network to allow dispatchers to communicate with and optimize transports and escort services within the facility. The platform makes all team members location aware –creating a safer and more efficient work environment.

Byreducing wait times for individual transports, the platformcan improve the patient experience and remove friction from the workflows. “Our initial use-case is tracking throughput and capacity restraints for radiology transport,” Dr. Christoph Wald, chairman of the radiology department, says of NavvTrack. “I expect that we will quickly role the platform out to all transportation & escort teams, environmental services, including housekeeping, as well as supply-chain and central pharmacy. Basically, anyone carrying an issued iPhone at Lahey”.By utilizing the existing WiFi network and issued iPhones at LHMC, the solution is essentially hardware-freeand quick to deploy. “From the time we had an agreement to the time the solution was live, it was weeks, not months”, says Dr. Daniel Siegal, CEO of NSI.

About Navv Systems, Inc.
Navv Systems, Inc. (NSI) is aDetroit-based enterprise software and solutions company that uses Indoor Positioning technology (IPS) to provide indoor traffic control for hospitals&health systems, warehouses, manufacturing, transportation, and other large, complex organizations.